Turn on a TV and chances are you will see cops dressed like SS nazis busting people’s doors down.

More often than not, the wrong house.

A retired Houston police officer is speaking out after deputies mistakenly busted down his door while attempting to serve an arrest warrant for a man who lived at a different address. Louis Rodriguez told Inside Edition that he, his wife and two kids were at home when he heard deputies bang on the door and yell out they were looking for somebody named Curtis Rogers. Then, the officers smashed the door open using a battering ram.

But in Uvalde Texas, at a “government” indoctrination center (public school) which parents were forced to send their children to under threat of fines and imprisonment if they did not deliver their own children up to the State, parents who tried to save their children from death at the hands of an evil crazed maniac mass murdering their children, were restrained from rescuing their own children by agents of the same State which forced the parents to send their children there, while the “brave” law enFORCEment waited 90 minuets to stop the carnage because “they did not have a key to the door.

150 armed cops slammed parent to the ground and handcuffed parents to keep them rescuing their children while the pussy cops stood around for over an hour without the balls to rush the child killer.

There are only two possible reasons.

#1: law enFORCEment are ball-less cowardly pussy traffic ticket writers who only bust down doors of peoples homes where they figure they are safe doing so.

Or they were complicit in giving the mass murderer as much time as they could so the body count of dead children could be as high as possible for political reasons.

Either way, it was a criminal act against parents of children forced by the state to deliver up their children’s lives into the State’s hands.

A State which failed them terribly.

The Ole Dog

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