“Beto” O’Rourke, POS Shame of the Irish

It is only right in this photo O’Rourke’s ass is pointed at the camera.
He is an ass hole.
That’s his most cherished possession and most promenade feature.

First allow me to dispel any idea I am pimping for Occupation of the Republic of Texas

guvnor A-BUTT.

I share many beliefs with my cousin General George s Patton, one of which is:

All of em!

I have more respect for a whore who sells her ass for sex than a politician.
A sex whore does not force you to pay her unless you agree voluntarily to use her services which you want.

A political whore forces you to pay for their “services” you do not want.

That said, and wanting all yankee carpetbagger, Scalawags and Mexico firster political whores out of my occupied illegally for 158 years Republic of Texas, I lay aside who is to blame for what happened in Uvalde Occupied Republic of Texas at Rob Elementary.

There are many families who’s hearts are breaking and their grief is beyond the ability of one who did not loose a child to evil on that day to truly comprehend.

Sympathize with yes.
Seeing the tears and the grief which they try to express but is beyond the human tongue to express should cause lump to form in ones throat and at least have to fight back the tears in one’s own eyes.

No matter who was to blame, this was a senseless evil act which brought unimaginable sorrow to so many.

And for some scum bag, some piece of shit, some opportunistic bottom feeder parasite like the shame of the Irish who pretends to be Mexican trying to get the illegal Mexico citizens in occupied Texas’s vote in the occupation elections to try to use the grief of parents/grandparent/siblings who’s hearts are breaking from senseless evil, their loss and grief, to put on a show he don’t mean to try to get a few votes in an election he don’t stand a chance of winning in the first place is despicable.

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin was right when he called the POS O’rourke “a sick son of a bitch”

“I can’t believe you’re a sick son of a bitch who would come to a deal like this to make a political issue.”

Damn shame the people of Uvalde did not have some tar, feathers and a rail handy!

A friend of mine said he should be run out of Texas.
I told him when you run trash out, they just go somewhere else to abuse other folks.

I personally feel what he did deserves hanging.
After a fair common law trial and being found guilty of being a ass hole cancer on the posterior of humanity of course!

The Ole Dog!

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