The Problem With Hanging The War Criminal Mass Murderer Henry Kissinger

The Problem with hanging the mass murdering Commie Khazarian Jew war criminal Henry Kissinger

is that when one hangs a piece of shit, they shit their pants.
Now normally this just leads to a brown spot on the back of the pants and some stink when you go to bury them.

But with Henry Pissenger, as he is all shit, full of shit, nothing but shit, the question is can you hang him?
Probably all which would be left dangling from the rope would be a soiled suit of cloths with a gooey brown spot below with a couple of eye balls rolling around in the smelly brown shit.

Perhaps he should be made to ride the bull instead.

That way the heat could kill the Commie Zionist Zombie Virus the piece of shit is infected with.

The Ole Dog!

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