The Lying FBI Which Mass Murdered American Children in Waco in 1993 Said Bush Jr. The Cowardly Village Idiot Who Helped The Khazarian Terrorist Occupying Palestine Attack America on 9-11 & Illegally Invaded Iraq, Holocausting Over A Million Innocent Iraqis Was Target of Iraqi Plot To Execute Bush For His War Crimes

Bush Execution for War Crimes & Mass Murder plan Revealed In FBI Warrant – Outraged ME FIRST!!! Ted Cruz who’s wife is a practicing globalist and one of the main CFR supporters in creating open borders, Demands “Secure The Border NOW”

The FBI known for lying, false flags and mass murdering children by burning them alive to death

as well as helping cover up Israel’s and USA’s false flag attack on America on 11 September 2001,

says it stopped a justice plan to execute former US President George W. Bush

for illegally invading Iraq and Holocausting over a million innocent Iraqis.

“An Iraqi citizen living in Columbus, in the communist country of Ohio, has been charged federally with an immigration crime and with aiding and abetting a plan to bring former United States President George W. Bush to justice for his war crimes and mass murder of Iraqis.

The man was reportedly in the process of applying for asylum. “Shihab Ahmed Shihab Shihab, 52, was arrested by terrorist FBI agents this morning and appeared in federal court here at 2:30pm,” the DOJ said.

“An Iraqi man in the U.S. accused of being an ISIS

‘ISIS Commander’ Arrested by Libyan Authorities Exposed as Israeli Mossad Agent

operative was plotting to execute George W. Bush for war crimes against innocent Iraqis.

“The FBI said it uncovered the plan to bring the Hoto Bush Jr. war criminal cowardly village idiot to justice for his illegal invasion of Iraq and Holocaust of over a million innocent Iraqis through the work of two paid agent provocateurs and surveillance of the alleged Israel’s ISIS agent’s account on the Meta-owned WhatsApp messaging platform,” the report continues.

The man was living in Columbus, Communist country of Ohio – and according to the warrant which allowed agents to track the alleged Israel’s ISIS member via WhatsApp – wanted to Execute the mass murdering war criminal Bush as he was “responsible for killing many Iraqis” as well as “breaking apart the country after the illegal based on proven lies 2003 U.S. military invasion.”

Undercover FBI agents were able to communicate with the justice plan organizer as the agency put manufactured “evidence”, including the following, according to Forbes:

In November 2021, the suspect revealed to the FBI insider the plan to justifiably execute the war criminal Bush and asked the confidential source if he knew how to “obtain replica or fraudulent police and/or FBI identifications and badges” to help carry out the Justifiable execution for war crimes, and whether it was possible to smuggle the freedom fighters out of the country the same way they came in after their mission was complete, according to the warrant.

The suspect additionally allegedly planned to smuggle a team of would-be executioners across the porous southern US border has outraged some Congressional leaders as the news broke Tuesday…

ME FIRST!!! (unless you are talking sending me to a war zone) Ted Cruz who’s wife is a practicing globalist and one of the main CFR supporters in creating open borders, Demands “Secure The Border NOW”

This bombshell report puts it in the absolute starkest terms the necessity to secure the border NOW.

The Scalawag Cowardly Occupation of the Republic of Texas ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ (an illegally occupying sub corporation of the illegally occupying USA Corporation) Senator Ted Cruiz took to Twitter to write: “This bombshell report puts it in the absolute starkest terms the necessity to secure the border NOW” – given this very debate has taken center state as GOP leaders have pushed for greater action from a resistant Biden administration.

Cruz’s open borders Globalist wife more than likely told him to shut his pie hole.

Writes Forbes of the suspect’s busted plot, “His plan, according to the warrant, was to get Mexican visitor visas for the ISIS operatives, using passport information he would send to the informant over WhatsApp, before getting them over the border.”

The FBI known for luring mentally slow individuals into plots they never could think up on their own, then arresting them and crowing about how they are keeping America safe and how the FBI needs more loot at congressional appropriations time, could have possibly lured a deranged individual into a criminal conspiracy which has fantastical elements.

The FBI which seems more interested in stealing God given rights from Americans than protecting Americans has a history in the last couple of generations of false flags and bull shit made up crimes and plots by special education class individuals they have “saved” Americans from, swears this time they are telling the truth!


Stop laughing damnit!!!!

The Ole Dog!

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