The Lying FBI Which Mass Murdered American Children in Waco in 1993 Said Bush Jr. The Cowardly Village Idiot Who Helped The Khazarian Terrorist Occupying Palestine Attack America on 9-11 & Illegally Invaded Iraq, Holocausting Over A Million Innocent Iraqis Was Target of Iraqi Plot To Execute Bush For His War Crimes

Bush Execution for War Crimes & Mass Murder plan Revealed In FBI Warrant – Outraged ME FIRST!!! Ted Cruz who’s wife is a practicing globalist and one of the main CFR supporters in creating open borders, Demands “Secure The Border NOW” The FBI known for lying, false flags and mass murdering children by burning them […]

Cops Forced to Return Over $1 Million for Organizing Armored Car Heists, Robbing Innocent People

As we reported earlier this year, several federal law enforcement agencies and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s department became the subject of a federal lawsuit after they were caught pulling over vehicles from an armored car company and robbing them of their cash. The stops were completely baseless as no crime had been committed and […]