The “COVID-19” Non Vaccine Killer Jabs Massacre

This has good info and I will repost it.

I must however give a couple of Caveats.

No “government” or “health” organization in the whole wide world, can or will as the case may be, provide a scientifically Identified, Isolated, Stand Alone, Reproducible sample of a “SARS-COV-02” “virus.

This means they either do not have a sample of such a “virus”, or releasing it to the public would allow it to be traced back to the evil ass holes who cooked it up, if it does indeed exist.

These Killer Jabs are not Vaccines.
The evil mass murderers Via loaded syringes changed the definition of a vaccine to try to make these non traditional killer jab mRNA DNA altering spike protein and God, Bill Pedo Gates and the Rothschilds only know what else delivering death darts appears to the sheep to be vaccines so they would line up to voluntarily be injected with a delayed euthanasia jab.

Except for the ones who fell and fall dead on the spot after being injected.

I studied Microbiology under an Air Force Virologist.
A vaccine is when one identifies a specific virus, isolates it so it can be reproduced in the trillions, eradicated (killed, but sometimes the virus is still active which is why folks get the flu from flu vaccines, why folks die from polio vaccines of Polio ect.) the bones or bodies of the virus is put in solution and injected into a human.

The theory is the dead body of the virus causes the immune system to creat an anti-body for that virus and that virus alone, not different strands of that type virus or even mutations of that specific virus which happened after the vaccine was produced.

If NO ONE has a scientifically identified, isolated, stand alone reproducible sample of an Alleged “SARS-COV-02” “virus”, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have produced a vaccine for the MYTHICAL “virus.

Third, the PCR process is not a test for the “COVID-19” “disease said without proof to be caused by the not proved to exist “SARS-COV-02” “Virus”.

It is a process by which the one has not enough genetic or physical material to run a valid test on, one can reproduce (replicate) the tiny bit they have until there is sufficient material to work with.

The CDC has had to admit is is a flawed “testing process”.

The inventor of the process said it should never be used as a stand alone test for any specific disease but only as a tool to help research.

So while there is no proven to exist disease beyond the common yearly flus, the “cure” for the not proved to exist “disease” is killing millions of people.

The Ole Dog!

‘The “COVID-19” Non Vaccine Killer Jabs Massacre’

By Dr. Igor Shepherd
May 21, 2022

Over two years have gone by since the Covid-19 staged PSYOP was thrust onto the world’s population, fooling the masses into believing that a phony virus (and all its hokey counterparts) existed and that a new type of vaccine was the only answer in saving humanity. At that time, in November, 2020, right before the Covid-19 vaccines were dispensed onto the public, I spoke out and forewarned that the mRNA technology within the vaccines made them bioweapons, and that millions would be harmed and die if they took the injections. Time has proven me right.

By September of 2021, my warnings were substantiated. VAERS data from CDC, which reports American vaccine injuries, provided a clear clue that the vaccines were weapons of mass destruction—742,349 vaccine takers suffered adverse reactions (including death) comprising of heart failure, blood clots, strokes, brain illnesses, inflamed spinal cords, seizures, allergic reactions, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, miscarriage, infertility, deafness, blindness, muscle weakness and loss, and sleep disorders. By April, 2022, VAERS showed a combined total of 1,247,131 injuries and deaths. And because only 1% of injuries from Covid vaccines are reported, it is reasonable to expect that actual deaths and injuries can be up to five times higher. No other type of vaccine over the last 30 years has ever caused this much impairment in such a short time.

And though over 1000 scientific studies prove that the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines are extremely dangerous (including Pfizer’s own data), and UK’s government data reveals the Covid vaccines kill more people than they save, public health departments, hospitals, healthcare organizations and most doctors continue to endanger public health and dispense the lethal jabs. These co-conspirators of mass murder have become like ventriloquist dummies, only speaking when their masters pull open their mouths—allowing the crimes against humanity to mount.

As of today, 11.74 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered worldwide, with most countries showing between a 60% and 86% vaccination rate. And yet current data is suddenly showing that Covid cases are spiraling upward into never-neverland, in almost every state, with a whopping 53% increase, which is much higher than a year ago. WTF is going on? Why are Covid tests still spitting out excessive positive readings and why is this virus (which CDC still documents as being a mild virus with symptoms matching the flu) still around after two years?

Is SARS-CoV-2 an “illusionary” property, an alien pathogen from Star Wars? Come on, people, use common sense. Science is still science, viruses still work the same, and the art of herd immunity does not magically disappear. This uptick in Covid cases is an impossibility because if SARS-CoV-2 was actually a real live virus and a real outbreak had occurred (as we were told), herd immunity would have kicked in a year ago, with or without the useless vaccines, and curtailed this virus and its variants, and there would be no more pandemic. This alone proves that SARS-CoV-2 never existed and that the entire pandemic was all about restructuring world governments and exerting absolute control over people’s lives in every aspect possible.

Same viruses do not keep infecting people over and over again. Only a virus with a different strain can bring back another illness. In the entire history of medicine there has never been a case where a virus defies the force of nature and overrides the body’s natural ability to prevent invading pathogens. And this is the reason why the bogus Covid tests are distributed to the masses. The hoaxers need to keep the minds fearful, the Covid lie going, and not allow anyone a chance to question why herd immunity failed to work.


The Covid-19 Vaccination Massacre

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