A Woman, Once Married to A Man, Is The Chattel Slave, of Her Husband, And May Never Leave, Nor Fight Back, No Matter What He Does To Her! (The yankee US War Criminal Anti Secessionist View)

Anyone, anyone at all, which states secession was not, is not legal, by the same principle argues, a women, once married to a man, is his chattel slave, with which he can do anything he wants, including rape her against her will, pimp her out, murder her, and she has no right to object or leave for her own safety or happiness .

Same thing, no difference.
Anyone says there is, is a lying hypocrite.
Never was real good at letting hypocrites have it both ways.

Therefore, as I have established beyond further debate, unless someone out there wants to identify themselves as wanting to own their wives as chattel slaves, rape them, beat them, steal their egg money, abuse the children while pimping their mother out, (Hey, knowing yankees, there probably is a bunch of “puritan” zionist Cromwellian evil scum 0ut there wanting that very power over their wives), then secession was and is legal.

This means all actions against the Southern Sates, 1861-1865, were and are war crimes, as well as the continuing military occupation of said States and Republics, is an ongoing war crime by the USA/DC Crime Cabal holding forth in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac while raping little American children.

In turn, the States which seceded, can not secede again, as they never legally rejoined the “US”, (UNION).

Having a preprepared “constitution” with automatic servitude to DC written into it, forced on one by the point of the USA yankee war criminal occupation forces rifles, and the hanging nooses of the yankee Corporation kangaroo courts, which have not left to this very day, does not constitute a valid or legal “joining or “rejoining, of said occupying forces “UNION”.

Thus, the occupied States and one Republic, of the former Confederacy, are occupied, and the occupation simply must end.

The War Criminal Occupying Corporation US, must furl their Southern Scotts-Irish and African American innocent blood stained occupation banners, leave all military and monetary assets in the said freed States.

DC never made a penny one.
All funds were stolen from the occupied States.

Thus the US war criminals must leave the stolen assets in the states/republics and get their Child, Pregnant women, African American Girls and women, little boy, gang raping till death asses out of our Countries!

This of course opens up secession to all the other yankee, Western States, one Republic, and one occupied Polynesian Kingdom.

Personally though, as I have had a life time of seeing the great pride the yankee takes in having raped all these Souls to death, burned everything, stole everything, dug up the dead and robbed the dead, and mass murdered the Southern Souls, the complete lack of contrition on their WAR CRIMINAL PRIDE, THEY CAN KISS MY REBEL TEXICAN ASS!

Stay the hell in Kalifornia and yankee land!

All you damn yankees, Kalifornians, Mexico Firsters, Israhell Firsters, occupying the Republic of Texas, under the protection of the occupying guns of the US, you can get a U-Haul in damn near any city or town in Texas.


See ya!

The Ole Dog!

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