The Golden Age Will Never Come to This Dimension

The promised Golden Age after the time of tribulations will come.
Just not in this dimension.

This dimension will remain an oppressive shit hole of wars, evil, pedophile politicians, religious charlatans and sheep herded through the slaughterhouse doors.

Because misery, pain evil are the teaching aids of this school class.

When the gathering of souls are spoken of before the golden age most sheep believe the evil souls will be gathered and cast out so this dimension can transition to the “Golden Age”.

Stop thinking linear.
The linear “history” of this world the sheep are indoctrinated with is poo-poo.
Anyone who goes down a lot of rabbit holes comes to the conclusion the time line of history is bull hockey.
That is because there are many different levels of classes on this school house rock in different dimensions happening in the same space.
One just can not see the other.
When the jackals try to cobble history together in a one line progression to indoctrinate the sheep with, it works only as long as someone does not start digging and going down rabbit holes looking for the truth.

At the end of an Era, or school “year” in this dimension, the souls who graduated, who learned the lessons this class had to offer, cast aside the lust for world fame, physical pleasure and earthly wealth and power, are gathered and sent to the next level class.

The golden age is the top level class where souls reside who have learned to live together in relative peace with advanced understanding and knowledge.

When the next era or school year begins this dimension will still be a shit hole with the students being the ones who failed to graduate this level plus a few who graduated the really primitive shit hole level just below.

I really don’t like this shit hole level and the slaughterhouse sheep.
Thats why I got on my knees and begged God for understanding and wisdom.
I have strived to learn the lessons of this level as I have no intentions of putting up with the slaughterhouse sheep and their jackal masters for another school “year”.

The Ole Dog!

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