The Zionist Zombie Virus Epidemic Ravages Palestine

Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was a victim of the Zionist Zombie Virus host.
The soul-less zionist Zombies murdered her for telling the truth, and because Zionist Zombies LOVE to kill.

Regular walking dead Zombies at least have the excuse of killing to feast on the flesh of the victim.
Although there are rumors of the Zionist Zombies eating some of the children they gang rape and murder in their demonic heathen holiday celebrations for the most part like a blood lust hunter who just kills animals for the lust of killing and leaves the body to rot, the mass murders are not for nutrition, but just for the lust of killing.

So non human are these soul-less Zionist Zombies, they were not satisfied with the vile murder of a Truth Teller, the Zionist Zombies attacked those who were carrying her murdered body to it’s final resting place.

Humanity will not be safe until each and every Zionist Zombie is hunted down and the virus’s captive host body is destroyed to stop the spread of this contagious vile reprehensible virus of death to the soul and prostitution of the soul-less body for evil’s sake.

There have been outbreaks of the Zionist Zombie Virus all around the world but it’s epicenter seems to be occupied Palestine.

The Zionist zombie Virus attacks the brain and the soul, devouring both leaving a soul-less creature which’s only purpose thereafter seems to be the pursuit of evil and the spreading of the death the virus always leaves in it’s wake.

The soul-less zionist Zombie may look human but it is no longer human.
The same as a rabid skunk may still look like a skunk, but the skunk’s nature and brain no longer is part of the creature controlled by a virus which’s only goal is spreading the virus of death to any creature which is not infected.

Humans do not act like this.
Even most animals only kill for food.
These are soul-less walking dead.

The Ole Dog!

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