Criminal Kalifornia Mass Murdering State Minions Pass Bill Allowing Criminal Gov’t to Rape Preteens With Killer Jabs In Violation of the Nuremberg Code WITHOUT Parental Consent

The California State Legislature is the state legislature of California. It is a bicameral body consisting of the lower house, the California State Assembly, with 80 members, and the upper house, the California State Senate, with 40 members.

Thats 120 mass murderers plus a guvnor.
121 people who are mass murdering children.
This might take a while to hang em all.

I understand when you hang a Child Murderer they shit their pants when their necks break.
Things might get mightily smelly in Kalifornia.

The Ole Dog!

Though there has long been a push by the state to sever the bond between parents and their children, over the last two years, this disturbing trend has ramped up. Thanks to the rampant fear pushed by media and politicians alike, many American citizens are sitting by idly as government circumvents parental authority.

This week, it escalated to a new level as the Californian Senate passed Senate Bill 866. The bill, titled Teens Choose Vaccinations Act, is a farce from the start as it is not just teens targeted in the bill. Children as young as 12-years-old can now go behind their parents’ backs and take any vaccine they wish.

The bill was championed by Senator Scott Wiener who thinks that young children should not have their parents standing in the way of their health decisions — pre-existing conditions, contraindications, and health problems that may lead to complications be damned.

Notice the deception in Wiener’s tweet as he says “teens” to imply that these are older children when, in fact, they are 6th graders.

Prior to covid, the same people pushing this bill were likely calling out “big pharma” for their corruption and criminal activity. Now, however, they are passing bills to inject their products directly into your children without your consent.

Despite children facing a near zero chance of dying from COVID-19, the tyrant class is hellbent on moving in this direction.

Governments across the country began requiring children to get the jab to go to school and, consequently, researchers began to see an increase in myocarditis.


State Passes Bill Allowing Gov’t to Vaccinate Preteens WITHOUT Parental Consent

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