10yo Girl Calls 911 to Report Her Police Officer Dad for Sexually Abusing Her, Fellow Cops Covered It Up

I personally know a women who was repeatedly raped when she was a young teenager by her step father who was a local cop.
The reason he gave as needing to rape her was her mother did not give him enough sex.

When the girl went to her mother finally, the mother who already had a kid with the cop did not want to believe her.
The cop pedophile rapist dragged the girl to police headquarters where another cop illegally gave her a polygraph test and informed the mother the kid was lying.

The girl betrayed by her mother and fellow cops of her cop pedophile rapist step father ran away and her life spiraled out of control.

Then there was the local cop who after internal affairs covered his out of control behavior for years finally raped a tranny in the back seat of his city patrol car while he was on duty.

The Tranny went and reported it, a rape kit was done at the hospital which backed him up.
The GPS on the cop car put it where the rape victim said the rape accrued, when the rape victim said the rape accrued.

It hit the news for one news cycle, then was dropped like a hot potato as city “fathers” put pressure on all local news sources.

In the end the cops and prosecutor’s office closed ranks and the cop rapist served one year of easy local time not for rape, but official oppression.

Every one with a badge is not a saint or the good guy.
And when other cops cover for the evil done under cover of a badge, they are not the good guys either.

Respect is earned, not issued with a pistol and a badge.
Respect is easy to lose, and once lost, VERY hard to gain back.

The Ole Dog!

Chicago, IL — Frequent readers of the Free Thought Project are all too familiar with the concept of the “thin blue line.” Though law enforcement claims this line represents the force between good and evil, it is often used as a means to coerce and silence victims of police officers — especially domestic abuse.

For nearly a decade, TFTP has reported on countless incidents of police officers covering for fellow cops when they commit an act of brutality or when they beat their wives. Victims of domestic violence by police often have nowhere to go as reporting the crime to their abuser’s brothers in blue is a daunting task that could land them in deeper trouble.

One would think, however, that if a child of a police officer came forward to report that she had been abused — sexually — that cops would not be able to sweep it under the rug or look the other way. As the following incident illustrates, however, that is not the case.

In March, a 10-year-old girl called 911 and told dispatchers that her father, a veteran Chicago cop, had sexually abused her.

“The victim was scared and called 911,” responding officers would later report, according to the Chicago Sun Times, adding that the actions she described “were sexual in nature.”

The officer’s arrest started out normal and it appeared that he would be held accountable. He was taken into custody, according to the arrest report, for “aggravated criminal sexual abuse by family member” — a serious felony charge.

But after spending several hours in jail, he would be released on zero bail with new charges of “domestic battery” — a misdemeanor.

When someone with an actual conscience inside the department learned about the officer’s special treatment, a red flag was raised sparking two separate investigations. An internal investigation is now underway as well as another by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability.


10yo Girl Calls 911 to Report Her Police Officer Dad for Sexually Abusing Her, Fellow Cops Covered It Up

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