Buffalo mass shooting—say what?

I Re-post this because it is true.
Not politically correct but true.

All this hate and violence was not an accident or happen without the guiding hand of Washington DC.
Divide and rule is a very old and well used tactic of those who would be slavemaster kings.

George Washington was in favor of including the Indian Nations into the new country as equals to the late comer Europeans.
But the Empire builders are control freaks.

They did not want upstanding strong moral natives.
They wanted downtrodden hopeless humans who could not entergarte into American society as equals.
Thats why Native Americans were placed on reservations and given just enough substance to keep their bodies, but no hope alive.
It was a well thought out evil deed done against the Native Americans by Washington DC.

Washington DC did not want good strong moral African American families with a father and mother working together as an example to the children.
It started before his time, but Washington DC used LBJ’s “Great Society” to break up moral strong families, rewarding African American women with more “welfare” if they had children without a husband.
The ghettos and slum projects became the reservations African Americans were sent to to keep them down.
This was a well thought out attack on the African American communities by Washington DC.

Where there is no hope, there will be violence.

Planned Parenthood was designed to abort African American babies.
Abraham Lincoln despised Africans, called then sub human to their faces, worked till the day he died to ship them out of America.

The Rev. Martin Luther King understood you can not have a Godly nation filled with Hate, with certain segments of it’s people being treated as inferior animals.
Washington DC allowed him to work to bring down the segregation of the South brought about by Washington DC’s illegal war invasion and occupation of the South which sowed hate.

But when he turned his sight to cleaning up the hell holes where his people existed in squalor run by rich yankee slum lords, Washington DC murdered him.

The King Family knew the man accused of murdering him did not.
Although they could not get justice in the Criminal Courts of the USA, they sued USA/Washington DC in Civil court for murdering MLK and won.

The evil shit hole America has become is no accident.
It was a carefully crafted plan by Washington DC to Divide and Conquer.

The Ole Dog!

‘Buffalo mass shooting—say what?’

by Jon Rappoport

May 16, 2022

8PM, ET, Saturday, May 14.

White shooter, black victims. Shooter had composed racist manifesto.

OK, let’s start with the news report.

AP: “A gunman opened fire with a rifle Saturday at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, in what authorities called a ‘hate crime and racially motived violent extremism,’ killing 10 people and wounding three others before being taken in custody, law enforcement officials said.”

“The suspect was identified as Payton Gendron of Conklin, about 200 miles southeast of Buffalo in New York state, two law enforcement officials told The Associated Press…The suspect was being questioned Saturday evening by the FBI, one of the officials said.”

The FBI was on the scene in two seconds. Both the Governor of NY and the President were “being kept abreast” of breaking developments.

Labeling the mass shooting a hate crime allows the FBI to jump in. That’s a subject for another article, or a book. My point here is:

What about the US cities where murders are served up for breakfast every day?

Getjerry.com: “Your odds of being the victim of a violent crime in Chicago are 1 in 103…according to the New York Times, it’s only seventh in the nation when it comes to murder rates, edged out by cities like St. Louis, New Orleans, and Baltimore.”

Any reasonable person would conclude that violent crime in these cities is out of control. Local law enforcement can’t or won’t deal with it.

When THAT is the case, the US Dept. of Justice has every right to step in and take over.

But it doesn’t.

It only makes a move in a one-off situation like Buffalo, because…hate crime.

The last time I looked, a person who is dead on a floor or a street, as a result of a bullet, is exactly the same degree of dead, whether the bullet was fired by a specific kind of hater or a more general hater.

And, of course, Buffalo gives the FBI and the DOJ a chance for a photo op. Don’t discount that.

In the top murder cities in America, if you could go in and do an honest poll of residents—particularly mothers—in key neighborhoods where gunfire is daily background music— and if you could get honest answers, you’d discover these residents would prefer ongoing active FBI engagement to FBI one-offs every five years. The residents would prefer ANY law enforcement that makes the streets safer.

But who cares about what the residents care about?

They’re the last people to ask.

Instead, we need government bureaucrats to supply all the answers, and politicians to make hay out of hate crimes, and “spokespeople” for the inner-city residents to take center stage. And news media to climb on board and blame Trump or Tucker Carlson.

We need experts to tell us the difference between hate crimes and ordinary murder, and we need them to educate us about systemic racism as the cause for crimes committed by black men.

The black VICTIMS of the black men’s crimes are of NO concern. They’re sacrificed on the altar of “exposing racism at the heart of American life.”

That’s the social contract. Focus no attention whatsoever on the black victims. Instead, explain the black killers’ “true motives”—which, according to experts, are completely beyond the killers’ control.

Dept. of Justice RICO (continuing criminal enterprise) prosecutions of murderous inner city gangs? Out of the question.

In 2021, Philadelphia had 521 murders; New York, 443; Los Angeles, 352; Indianapolis, 246; Chicago, 739. And these numbers were reported with at least three weeks left in the year.

But as far as the FBI and the DOJ are concerned, these numbers and these very real dead people don’t count. The agencies don’t show up in those cities, they don’t do photo ops, they certainly don’t put their own officers on the streets. They don’t push aside local officials who are obstructing local police from doing their jobs.

No. They’re going to Buffalo.

The rest of the time, they’re muttering under their breaths, “Black people killing black people is what black people do, there’s nothing we can do about it.”

This is what the political LEFT is saying.

So don’t bullshit me with Buffalo.


Buffalo mass shooting—say what?

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