Bernie Sanders is like a Mixture of Syphilis & Herpes, A Mixture of Social Diseases No One Wants, But Can Not Make Go away

Bernie (Israel First) Sanders is like a bad social disease which just will not go away.

Bernie Sanders won’t rule out 2024 run.
Bernie says “pro-lifers are not welcome in Democrat Party”.
“Won’t rule out presidential run in 2024”.

Come on Bernie, be a Good red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian and emigrate to Occupied Palestine.
You would be much happier there.

You could murder little Semitic Palestinian children and journalist

and pregnant mothers

While kicking African Jews out of occupied Palestine after involuntarily sterilizing them.


You emigrating to occupied Palestine would be a win-win for you and America.
You would not hypocritically have to pretend to give a shit about America and Americans then, and America could get rid of a irritating social disease.

Not sure the Indigenous semitic Palestinians or the African Jews would be wild about the plan though?

The Ole Dog!

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