The Scam of “Paper” Gold & Silver

The current price of gold and silver is way below where they should be.
Gold should be at least around $10,000 per ounce and silver around $800.00 per ounce.

The ratio between gold and silver has historically been around 12 ounces of silver equals one ounce of gold.
Currently it is around 86 silver to one gold.
This is artificial and will end at some point.

It is my opinion based on what I understand of the market silver is a much better investment than gold.
Since the ratio is so off when the artificial controls end silver will gain the most.

Silver is also used wildly in industrial products so has a use as both money and an industrial metal.
Gold is also used in industrial products but very sparingly.

If one wants to go buy a small ticket item taking even a 1/10 oz gold coin to do the buy means you are going to need a lot of change back.
Small silver coins, rounds or ingots on the other hand will be much closer to the price of a smaller purchase.

Gold is good if one is going to make a large purchase say like land, a home or such.
If traveling gold is better as carrying the same worth in silver would mean being very obvious you were packing a heavy load of something.

This is just a gut feeling based on bits of information I have gleamed over a lifetime, but I believe there is much more gold in this world than is let on.
Silver is scarce compared to gold.

Purchasing power of paper currency backed neither by gold or silver can easily be inflated the way the USA has done by simply cranking up the printing presses.
A fact most Americans do not understand is currently there are a whole lot more “dollars” on computer screens than there is paper currency to cover the total amount.

Back when the US dollar was backed by silver my father bought me a hamburger and an orange soda for 30 cents.
In my lifetime I have seen the buying power of the “US dollar” go to shit.
This was not accidental.
Inflation is a scam in which Usury “bankers” and the “government” steal the wealth of the people.

In 1913 when the private “banking” scam of the (NOT) Federal (NO) Reserve (NOT a) Bank was forced on America by crooked bribed politicians, the buying power of a pre FRB dollar is now down to about maybe one half a cent of the pre 1913 FRB “dollar”

This meme is dated as the comparison was made in 2018 when one “dollar of the current currency was still worth in buying power 50 to 60 cents of a pre 1913 FRB note.

That buying power did not just disappear, it went into the pockets of super rich usury bankers and crooked politicians.

When World War One ended, the reigns of power in Germany were turned over to the usual Usury suspects.

The printing presses were set to warp speed for the paper currency in Marks.
The paper money became virtually worthless.

Wives would go too work with their husbands in the morning so their employers could pay the days wages before the work was done so the wives could go buy food.
By that evening the price of the same food would be much higher.

There was so much paper currency children played with is like blocks, walls were papered with it, it was used to burn to keep warm.

A basket full of high denomination paper bills would buy a loaf of bread

Take a look around you today.
Any person who buys groceries or gas understands what is happening.
Many do not understand this is only the beginning, things will get much-much worse.

In Germany prostitution by housewives and even children for survival became common place.

Now back to gold and silver.
When the “price of gold or silver goes up”, this does not mean your metal has increased in value.
It means the currency you are using is going to shit.
The buying power of the currency you are using is going down.

In Roman times, an ounce of gold would buy you a top of the line robe and assessors.
In 1933 an ounce of gold would buy you a top of the line suit and assessors.
Today, even with the price suppressed, an ounce of golds will get you a top of the line suit and assessors.

Now paper gold and silver.
They are a scam.

I have a friend I call my money man.
We have worked together in many past lives.

I have traditionally been a warrior and administrator.
The economics I picked up from experience.
He is primarily a money man, a warrior and administrator when needed.

He told me he had a friend with a mathematical mind who years ago figured out the Usury Wall Street “bankers” were trading 400% of the gold and silver which is known to exist on this world every day.
In other words, for every physical ounce of gold or silver they were selling 400 ounces, 399 ounces which did not exist.
As he said, that was years ago, who the hell knows how much none existent gold and silver they are selling on paper now.

Each day, sometimes several times a day to keep the price of gold and silver artificially low so the people do not realize just how worthless the paper currency is, tons of paper gold and silver is dumped on the open market.
This drives the price down.
I no longer do it as I understand the scam, but I used to look at the spot price live charts several times a day.
Every time gold and silver would start climbing in price, tons of paper non existent gold and silver will be dumped on the open market to keep the price artificially low.

It is a scam, a steal, nothing more, nothing less.
Peoples 401Ks and retirement funds are full of paper gold and silver.
Stocks and bonds too which will become worthless in the end, but let us stick to the metals in this piece.

Think of the paper gold and silver scam as a game of musical chairs that when the music stops, no one but the Usury bankers and their whored out politicians will have a chair.

For every ounce of paper gold or silver out there, there are at least 400 claims on the same ounce of gold or silver.
If you do not have physical gold or silver where you can lay you hands on it, not stored in some bank’s safety deposit box, you do not have gold and silver.

When the music stops, only those who can hold the metal in their hands has any.

One more thing about the paper scam.
When they dump all that paper on the market, corrupt or stupid people “managing” retirement funds or 401Ks may “buy” some of it, but to make the scam work, there has to be buyers who are the sellers.
On paper it may be sold and bought, but in reality it is just crooks taking paper currency out of one hand and exchanging it for the paper gold and silver in the other hand.
Next day they switch the papers from hand to hand again.

This serves to suppress the price of physical gold and silver against the paper currency to prop up the illusion just a bit longer before the final crash when the paper currency is revealed as worthless and only good for two things.

Starting fires and wiping one’s behind.

There are three other precious metals one needs when empires collapse.
Steel, brass and lead.

When collapse comes, the veneer of civilization disappears from the two legged animals and their true nature comes out.
If you are not capable and willing to stack the dead bodies at the curb, your chance of survival is very slim.

The Ole Dog!

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