Stand with Hitler and Ukraine

I have never been convinced Hitler committed suicide in Berlin in 1945 and figure he lived his life out in Brazil.
I have never been sure Hitler was not just playing his part.

There are Hitler lovers but I am not one of them.
I am military.
I have more use for the man on the other side trying to kill me than the political whores who started the wars and sent the man on the other side to try to kill me.

Hitler was either playing his part so Germany could be devastated or he was someone who totally inapt at military strategy and war.

I make no secret I understand reincarnation and know who I was in many of my past lives.
I fought in WW 2.
Given the chance I would have shot Hitler between the eyes.

I do point out if you had FDR, Churchill, Stalin and Hitler in one room he would be the less evil and was responsible for killing less humans than the other three.
Don’t make him good or innocent.

As I have dug down to real history I know a lot of the stuff Hitler was blamed for and said to have done are Zionist bullshit and made up lies.
The Thing which pisses me off the most about Hitler was he was a control freak who got in the way of some very good generals he had, and doing so helped to defeat Germany and devastate the German people.

Was that out of ego and stupidity, or a planned act to make sure Germany lose?
Only God, Hitler and his owners know.

But the current Khazarian Jew comedian acting president in Ukraine is doing the same damn thing to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

Ukraine does not have a snow ball’s chance in hell of winning against Russia.
NATO is not coming to the rescue.
All he is doing is keeping the war going for his owners, the Rothschilds while devastating his own country and people.

I am a warrior.
If we meet in battle I will cut your throat and piss in your mouth as you gasp for air you can not get into your lungs.

But after the battle is over if you are a common soldier and not a politician in uniform, if I am victorious, I will share my food with you and give you my coat to keep warm if you do not have one.

War for the sake of evil rich ass holes is a sin against God and Humanity.
Those who make war for those reasons should be hanged.

The Ole Dog!

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