USA “History Is A Set Of Lies Agreed Upon”-Napoleon Bonaparte

When it comes to history I am part of the cream which rises to the top above the thiner less well endowed with substance milk.

When I was still in Jr. high school I had already been given permission to check books out of the high school library as it was known by the teaching staff I had already read all the books worth reading in the Jr. high liberty.

When I graduated in the lower third of my class because I never turned in homework in high school, just would ace my test I took my university entrance exam and the local congressman called my father to ask if I wanted a “free” “education” at West Point.

Before I had seen the results my high school principle called me into the office and had me sit down.

He said:
‘For four years Mrs. Rodgers has chewed on my butt about you saying you could do better, you were not applying yourself”.

He tossed the results from my entrance exam across his desk to me.

He said:
“I sat her were you are sitting and reminded her of her bothering me about you for four years.
I showed her your scores and told her it seems you were able to retain some of what was taught”.

I looked at my scores and I had scored in the top 97% of the whole country.
My best areas were History, government, law, military matters ad economics.

The ones dragged me down a bit were yankee spelling, yankee English Composition and mixing the alphabet with math.

I did not bite on West Point.
I wanted to be the average American.
So I got a job, got married.
Then after a few short years I got a much needed divorce and headed to University to study theology.

Standing in the entrance office of a private Baptist University I watched two ladies looking from one piece of paper to another, back and forth, again and again.
One looked up finally and asked me.

“Why did you finish in the lower third of you class so we have to put you on scholastic probation, and at the same time we have to give you credit for both US history classes without you taking them?”

I shrugged my shoulders and said:
Well, there were several part time jobs I juggled along with fishing, hunting, beer, girls and parties.

I have spent forty plus years going down rabbit holes of history, reading everything I could which shed light on the gaps and lies I knew to be prevalent in “accepted History”, or as Napoleon Bonaparte Said, “A set of lies agreed upon.

I used to describe myself as a historian, but becoming all too aware of the utter Bull Shit and monumental lies most “historians” put in their lectures and books, I did not want to associate myself with such scum sucking 30 shekel whores and liars.

I now describe myself as a Connoisseur of history.

Take Julis Caesar.

Accepted history proclaims him a bloody egotistical ass hole who killed the Roman republic and started the Roman Empire.
Which is USA Grade A Unadulterated Bull Shit!

He is one of my great grandfather types and I am a Connoisseur of history, so I went digging.
Turns out he was trying to SAVE the republic from the “ELITES” who were busy rapig children, stealing everything they could from the common man and kicking the veterans of Romes wars onto the street to beg when they could not fight anymore.

Just like the USA/DC today.

Gaius, Julius Caesar were family surnames, saw the corruption was so institutionalized the only way to try to clean up Rome was by taking over by force.
So he in violation of Roman Law, marched across the Rubicon with his Legions.

He told em there was a new sheriff in town.
He brought back laws against decadence, the rich flaunting their wealth.
He gave land to disabled soldiers who had been kicked to the mean streets of Rome to beg for bread to survive.

He gave Roman citizenship to those conquered peoples who proved themselves productive and loyal to Rome.
He did away with the most restrictive laws in Judea, allowed the hebrews to worship their own God again, and lowered their taxes.

This pissed off the child raping rich “elites” who felt they should be able to continue raping children, stealing from the poor and flaunting their stolen wealth while throwing away real men who fought the wars of Rome.

So the politicians, lawyers, religious charlatans and rich ass holes murdered him.

Marcus Antonius, also one of my great grandfather types should have hunted down the guilty and killed them.
He decided instead to play politics.
He arranged a huge State funeral for Gaius.

At the funeral pyre soldiers threw in their weapons, women threw jewelry and their robes in, the Hebrews openly wept.

The Common people then rushed to the homes of his murderers meaning to slaughter them, but the cowards had snuck away to hide.

Marcus Antonius, who was still consul, moved quickly to take over from Caesar, expecting to secure his position as heir, but when Caesar’s will was read to the senate, a little known nephew of his, Gaius Octavius, was adopted and made principal heir. Marcus Antonius, unwilling to accepts this, tried in dispute the legality of the will, and this conflict plunged Rome into yet another protracted civil war, which saw Octavius prevail in the end, becoming the first Roman Emperor under the name of Augustus.

The truth does not even begin to be the same as the “Set of Lies Agreed Upon” as accepted “history”.

Take Jesus the Christ.
Jesus was not his Hebrew name and Christ means a prophet from God, one who brings Knowledge or Light.
There have been many christ.

Accepted history, a “Set of Lies Agreed Upon” has Jesus being equal to the Most High God, the Creator God.
Jesus himself never claimed he was God.
He said he was a Son of God.
He said he was a descendant of King David.
He said he was Lucifer, the real one, not the made up fictional character from the Little Boy Raping Roman “priest” cobbled together with most sources which were not thrown out rewrite to form a “Set of Lies Agreed Upon” in the Vatican’s Slave Religion Cult’s bible.

Revelation 22:16
“I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the Bright and Morning Star.”

The little boy raping Roman priest left some things in the Bible they should have taken out to cover their make believe history of Jesus.

The history of the writing Roman “bible” can be found by those who go down rabbit holes and dig deep.

Most for the letters used to form the Bible were written years, sometimes two hundred years after Rome helped the Hebrews running off after false gods murder Jesus.

It is historical fact of the many accepted “histories” of Jesus time and ministry which Rome threw out as they contradicted the official story,a “Set of Lies Agreed Upon” of the little boy raping Roman priest cobbling together Rome’s Slave Religion Cult.

It is historical fact of the rewriting and re-rewriting of what they kept till it sorta supported their version of history, a “Set of Lies Agreed Upon”.

The Bible at first was just one long running together book and it was later the chapters and verse numbers were inserted.

With clear historical proof available of how, when the Bible was cobbled together, censored, rewritten, the Roman Slave Religion Cult members will froth at the mouth if you even suggest each and every word in the Bible was not personally dictated by God.
In English!

Jesus who was said by Rome to be equal to God, a claim Jesus never made, was claimed to be perfect by the little boy raping priest of Rome.
He was said to have said pay your taxes and don’t fight back.

Yet in another place in the Bible the little boy raping priest forgot to take out the part where Jesus told his followers to go buy a sword even if they had to sell their outer garment to pay for it.

Jesus was crucified for sedition, trying to overthrow the occupation of Rome of Judea and the Treasonous Hebrew collaborators Occupation Judaic “government”.

He was married.
Mary Magellan was not a whore, she was his wife.
The Hebrews were anal retentive about THE LAW!
Hebrew Law demanded a Rabbi be a married man.
The Hebrews called Jesus Rabbi.

Jesus and Mary’s bloodlines still exist today.
It came up through the Frankish Long Haired Kings who had the Rose Cross Mark between their shoulders.
Actually the mark is on the back side of their head, which puts it “between the shoulders”

Take the Fake “royals” of England.

The rules of Kingship are thus:
God chose this being to rule, there fore God chose his bloodline to rule.
Usually the first born unless the first born dies, in which case it moved to the next in line.

Throw a non bloodline bastard in the Royal woodpile and things get all hosed up.
The FAKE “royals” of England have not one, but TWO NON BLOODLINE BASTARDS in their woodpile.

Edward the 4th was a commoner Bastard sired by a Commoner.
His mother signed a paper saying he was illegitimate.

His brother Richard the 3ed was a commoner Bastard sired by a commoner.

Was the Controversial King Richard III a Legitimate King?

Was the Controversial King Richard III a Legitimate King?

Their mama was a whore who was banging commoners like a bunny rabbit every time her Royal husband was not around.

So EVERY English or “British” “king”, “queen”, or “monarch” since the two Bastard commoner “kings” have been imposters and FAKES.

Just like the bunch of pedophiles squatting at Buckingham on Public Assistance today.

“History is a Set of Lies Agreed Upon”.

Now let us look at America and her three hundred year European immigrant’s history.

It is my personal opinion Official US History Text Books should be placed in liberties under F for fiction.

To begin with in the government indoctrination centers called “public schools”

prisoners are indoctrinated with a fairytale of how all of the Aerican people came together to “win freedom” from the British.

Which is a big ole lie.
Maybe 3% of the Americans supported the Revolution.
The rest did not care one way or the other, or were actively informing the British of the Americans whereabouts and or fighting for the British as Tories.
Same as American Militia, but fighting against freedom from Britain.

My 3ed great grandfather Carleton who fought under George Washington for three years, wounded in the chest with a musket ball at the Battle of Brandy Wine, was at Valley Forge, is on the official site recorded as being in hospital there and standing guard duty, when discharged received a paper Discharge.

He, his brother Ambrose are both documented fighting for the Americans.
There was a brother John which fades into history who is though to have fought for the revolution also but there is no documentation.
He seems to have lived till after the war and had children but then disappears, no one knows where or when.

Their brother Thomas stayed home with their mother on the farm in Virginia.
When my 3ed great grandfather Lewis was discharged, he walked back to their farm in Virginia to find out it had been sold and his mother and brother Thomas had moved to North Carolina to another farm.

He started walking to North Carolina and on the way encountered an American officer in charge of a bunch of Tory prisoners taken captive at a recent battle which the Americans had won.
Looking in the bunch he saw his brother Thomas.
He showed the officer his discharge and promised if he would turn Thomas over to him he would keep him at home and out of trouble.

He took command of his Tory brother.
At some point Thomas stopped saying he was a Tory soldier and only that he had fought in the Revolutionary war.
In 1929 his descendants were certified to be members of the Sons of The American Revolution, an honor reserved for those who’s ancestors fought for American freedom.

“History Is A Set Of Lies Agreed Upon”.

One of my seventh Great Grandmothers was Anne Washington, great aunt of George Washington.
Being as he was family and I am a Connoisseur of History I have studied him.

He was not the God the false America history has made of him, but without him there would have been no freedom from the British.

The wiser minds among the revolutionaries understood Washington was the only chance they had of succeeding against the British.
If he were killed the Revolution was over.

Therefore a special group of American soldiers were formed as a protection detail who were sworn to give their own lives if necessary to keep him alive.

They along with other American officials took British Gold to murder him themselves.
The Plot was found out and one man was hanged as an example.

‘The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington Paperback – January 7 2020’

“Taking place during the most critical period of our nation’s birth, The First Conspiracy tells a remarkable and previously untold piece of American history that not only reveals George Washington’s character, but also illuminates the origins of America’s counterintelligence movement that led to the modern day CIA.

In 1776, an elite group of soldiers were handpicked to serve as George Washington’s bodyguards. Washington trusted them; relied on them. But unbeknownst to Washington, some of them were part of a treasonous plan. In the months leading up to the Revolutionary War, these traitorous soldiers, along with the Governor of New York, William Tryon, and Mayor David Mathews, launched a deadly plot against the most important member of the military: George Washington himself.

This is the story of the secret plot and how it was revealed. It is a story of leaders, liars, counterfeiters, and jailhouse confessors. It also shows just how hard the battle was for George Washington and how close America was to losing the Revolutionary War.

In this historical page-turner, New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer teams up with American history writer and documentary television producer, Josh Mensch to unravel the shocking true story behind what has previously been a footnote in the pages of history. Drawing on extensive research, Meltzer and Mensch capture in riveting detail how George Washington not only defeated the most powerful military force in the world, but also uncovered the secret plot against him in the tumultuous days leading up to July 4, 1776.”

Next The “Official History Books” of the USA/DC teach that the “Godly” yankees were so against slavery they fought the “civil war” to free slaves.

There has never been a “civil war” in North American history.
A civil war is where two or more faction try to control the same seat of power or government.
This simply did not happen.

The Northern yankee countries called States had more votes in the Federal Volunteer Union of the Sovereign American countries called States.
They proceeded to vote themselves the wealth of the Southern countries through import/export taxes aimed at the Southern counties so the Northern countries called states could party on the wealth of the South.

The Southern folks grew tired of this and in 1860 seven of the countries Voluntarily left the Volunteer Union they had Voluntarily joined.

When the rabidly racist against African Americans closet homosexual atheist yankee shyster rail road lawyer his own kinfolks would not vote for Lincoln

in 1861 made illegal war against the Southern Counties which had formed their own nation and government, more Southern countries called states voluntarily left the volunteer Union they had Voluntarily joined.

When in due time, even with 3 to one odds on the battle field and an illegal blockade of Southern ports by the war criminal USA, the illegally invading war criminals turned to outright terrorism agains women, little children and old unarmed non combatant men.

To show you the difference between the child gang raping till death terrorist USA “soldiers” and the honorable brave men defending their families, homes and country against outright demonic terrorism, read General Lee’s Order # 73 when he took the Southern army into yankee terrorist lands.

“General in Chief of the Confederate Army

General Robert E. Lee’s Order No. 73

Regarding Christian Conduct of Confederate Troops toward Northern Civilians and their Property

General Order No. 73

The commanding general has observed with marked satisfaction the conduct of the troops on the march, and confidently anticipates results commensurate with the high spirit they have manifested. No troops could have displayed greater fortitude or better performed the arduous marches of the past ten days. Their conduct in other respects has, with a few exceptions, been in keeping with their character as soldiers, and entitles them to approbation and praise. There have been however, instances of forgetfulness on the part of some that they have in keeping the yet unsullied reputation of the army, and that the duties exacted of us by civilization and Christianity are not less obligatory in the country of the enemy than in our own. The commanding general considers that no greater disgrace could befall the army, and through it our whole people, than the perpetration of the barbarous outrages upon the innocent and defenseless and wanton destruction of private property that have marked the course of the enemy in our country. Such proceedings not only disgrace the perpetrators and all connected with them, but are subversive of the discipline and efficiency of the army and destructive of the ends of our present movements. It must be remembered that we make war only on armed men, and that we cannot take vengeance for the wrongs our people have suffered without lowering ourselves in the eyes of all whose abhorrence has been excited by the atrocities of our enemy, and offending against Him to whose vengeance belongeth, without whose favor and support our efforts must all prove in vain. The commanding general therefore earnestly exhorts the troops to abstain, with most scrupulous care, from unnecessary or wanton injury to private property, and he enjoins upon officers to arrest and bring to summary punishment all who shall in any way offend against the orders on this subject.

R E Lee”

The illegally invading terrorist dug up the dead to rob, they gang raped minister’s daughters because their fathers prayed for their leaders and country as the Bible instructed them to do, the yankee terrorist gang raped little children and their mothers to death, the yankee gang raped pregnant women to death, they stole everything and destroyed what they could not carry, they burned colleges, churches, seminaries, convents, old folks houses, farm houses, court houses and out houses.

The burned food drops, they shot the livestock so they could starve little children to death, which they did by the tens of thousands.

To cover their demonic evil and war crimes, they have indoctrinated American children and had the book and movie industry to manufacture lies and falsehoods claiming the war was fought to free slaves.

There were African American slaves left in yankeeland when there were none left in the South.
It took the 13th amendment passed AFTER the war was over to free the slaves in yankeeland.

It was not until 1867 under Occupation government secession was declared illegal in Texas Vs White.

Lincoln told African Americans to their face he considered them sub human and harmful to the “White” man where he had to live around them.
He said they should never be able to marry a “white:”, vote or live where “whites lived.

The war time ‘Proclamation of Emancipation” was meant to start a slave revolt in the South so front line Confederate soldiers would be pulled off the battle field to deal with it so the Confederacy could be beat in battle with fewer solders fighting the invasion.

Lincoln who despised African Americans deliberately tried to instigate rapes and muders of European southerners by African American slaves to the yankees could win on the battlefield.
He knew if it happened there would have been a slaughter of Southern slaves and he did not give a shit.

His own Secretary of war said about the proclamation Lincoln declared free slaves where he had no jurisdiction or ability to free them while not freeing the Northern slaves he could have freed.

Lincolns generals warned him he best make sure the yankee troops understood it was just a war time measure as if the yankee troop got the least idea they were fighting and dying to free ni##ers, many of them would desert and go home.
Many did.

“History Is A Set Of Lies Agreed Upon”.

Before I leave this Era allow me to expose a couple more lies of “history” which have bearing on America, this period and the aftermath.

Jew is not an ethnicity or a sub race of the human race.
Jew is a member of the End of Times pedophilic Death Cult religion.
Today’s Jews are mostly Khazarians.
The Khazarians are Turkmen Mongolian mongrel bunch who had a kingdom in the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine which in the year 0740 AD mass infected with the Zionist Zombie Virus.

Today’s Khazarian “Jews” are in no way descended from or related to the Hebrew Jews of the late Judaic period in Juda who turned their backs on the Most High God and ran off after false gods.

Cousin George Washington thought about kicking the New York Khazarian Jews out of America.
He should have.

After telling the lie of the “civil war” being fought to free slaves, the yankee Khazarian Jews who now run USA/DC always cry crocodile tears for the African American slaves and point fingers of condemnation at the Southern people.

Thats right, the yankee Cromwellian “puritans” brought slavery to the New World.

And their butties the yankee Khazarian Jews got rich off of running rum distilleries so they could sell rum to the Indians and fill their slave ships full to trade to Chiefs of African tribes to kidnap Africans of other tribes for the rum.

They then sold their captives into slavery for gold.
Most of the slave traders were Khazarian Jews as well.

One more piece of hidden history the USA don’t like Americans knowing about before we move on.

The Devil’s Punch Bowl in Natchez Mississippi where after the illegal war was over, the USA Army exterminated 20,000 plus freed African American children and women in death camps.

The African American men were not in those camps as they were doing slave labor for the USA Army.

The Devil’s Punchbowl – 20,000 Freed Slaves Died After Being Forced Into Post Slavery, United States,Yankee, Extermination Camp

Let me guide you a bit farther down the path of Tyranny the USA has used to steal Americans God Given Rights and human freedoms.

To get there I will backtrack a bit.
At the battle of Waterloo where Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated by the British, remember Napoleon,

A Usury banker with the false assumed last name of Rothschild had a plan.
He has fellow low life’s in Europe with carrier pigeons send him the result of the battle before anyone else in England got the news of who won.

He had his Big Liars club put out the word that England had lost so that all English financial institutions and documents took a bloodbath, falling in value to pence on the pound.

He then bought up most every finical instrument and many institutions for chump change.
Soon enough the ships arrived with word the English had won, but by that time Rothschild owned England’s asses, lock stock and barrel.
He had them by the short hairs and his family of Ratschilds have ruled England every since.

The Ratschilds pre-planned World war One.

The Ratschilds had the English Political whores instigate World War One.
“Official history” blames the Germans for starting the war.

“History Is A Set Of Lies Agreed Upon”-Napoleon Bonaparte.

In due time England was loosing the war as the germans had a submarine fleet they were using to sink most of the ships bringing war materials to the tiny little island England sits on.

The Germans offered generous terms of lets just all stop killing each other and go home.
But the Ratschilds told England which they ruled, we will drag America which wants nothing to do with this war into the war to save England’s ass if England will steal Palestine for the Ratschilds.

England agreed and sent an official declaration agreeing to the terms to Lord Rothschild.
The Balfour Declaration.

Woodrow Wilson an evil treasonous against America low life had been installed as president of the USA by the Rothschilds Inc. Khazarian Mafia.

To pay them back he signed into law the Federal Reserve Act which established a Rothschild owned and operated private Usury scam which printed the US dollar and “loaned” it to Washington DC at Usury interest so the debt of the USA has snowballed to where it is today so it can never be paid off, making debt slaves of all Americans to the Rothschilds.

When the Rothschilds desired to suck America into the war they blackmailed and bribed the usual suspects, the president, senators and house of representative members.

The USA was “officially” maintaining Neutrality in the war.
But in violation of the Neutrality laws they were furnishing England with war materials to kill Germans with.

In a farther crime the USA loaded the HMS Lusitania, the sister passenger liner ship of the Titanic with war materials and explosives to kill Germans with.
This was not only a crime of violating the Neutrality laws, but a crime of violating the Law of the Sea which ruled passenger ships should not be used to transport war materials.

Germany took out full page ads in most major American newspapers warning Americans not to sail on her as the ship was full of war materials to kill Germans and thus a legitimate war target for the German Navy.

The US government, DC, assured the Americans it was completely safe to sail on her.

On the return trip to England, Winston Chruchill who was a Rothschild bitch and Lord of the admiralty at the time, had her sailed off the coast of Ireland where he knew the Germans were sinking ships, had all her military ship escorts pulled off, left her sitting there to be sunk and she was.

When she was torpedoed all the illegal explosives the USA had loaded on her blew up making her sinking so fast about half the people on board lost their lives, including over two hundred Americans.

Woodrow Wilson and the US government which has set the whole thing up with the British, then went to screaming about a “criminal” “surprise attack” on an “innocent civilian passenger liner”.

Propaganda was fed the Americans non stop.

Poster depicting a WW 1 German soldier bayonetting a baby, which never happened.

America went to war and the Rothschilds got Palestine which did not belong to them or England.

A generation later the Ratchilds wanted another World war.

The red Russian Khazarian Jew Rothschild’s bitch Comie FDR was president of the USA.
To get elected to a 3ed term he had to promise the American people he would keep them out of the European blood bath of Rothschild’s World war 2 the Ratschilds had again had England instigate from behind the curtain.

Again “history” blames the start of the war on the Germans.

“History Is A Set Of Lies Agreed Upon”-Napoleon Bonaparte.

FDR first tried to get Germany who did not want war with America to sink a US Navy ship by again in violation of claimed Neutrality he had escorting British ships carrying war materials to kill Germans.

The Germans remembered WW 1 and the Lusitania and would not bite.
So FDR turned to antagonizing the Japanese who had a defense treaty with Germany by using economic sanctions against a country which had not attacked America, to force them to either surrender to USA without firing a shot or attack.

They attacked.
FDR had the US Navy ships and army bases moved to Hawaii, a Polynesian Kingdom the USA was occupying by military might.
He gave orders which left US ships, planes, sailors and soldiers as easy targets.
He knew when the Japanese were going to attack and did not tell the Navy Admiral or Army general at Pearl so the death count and destruction could be as high and as bad as possible.

Then he screamed of the “surprise” Japanese attack like a gang raped vestal virgin and declared war on Germany, and Japan.

‘Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor Paperback – Illustrated, May 8, 2001’

“Drawing on twenty years of research and access to scores of previously classified documents, Stinnett proves that Pearl Harbor was not an accident, a mere failure of American intelligence, or a brilliant Japanese military coup. By showing that ample warning of the attack was on FDR’s desk and, furthermore, that a plan to push Japan into war was initiated at the highest levels of the U.S. government, he ends up profoundly altering our understanding of one of the most significant events in American history.”

All during WW 2 the USA/DC betrayed the American people and homeland by helping the Rothschild’s red Russian communist Khazarians running the USSR to spread Communism all over Europe as well as set up the pre-planned Cold War which led to the pre-planned Korean and Viet Nam wars as well as spending untold billions on stockpiles of weapons of wars sold by the Rothschild’s and Butties International Corporations.

WW 2 American General George S Patton figured it all out and tried to stop the betrayal of America by the USA.
So the USA murdered him.
The America people were told he died from an “accidental low speed car wreck”

A book you will probably never get your hands on.
I have a copy because God arranged that I got one.

‘Death- The Murder of General Patton online book self published by Steven J. Skubik who worked Intelligence under Patton during and in the aftermath of WW 2.

No one would publish his book so he self published.
He is now deceased but his son makes it available on line.

I also have a signed copy of this book.
God made sure I got one.

Click to access Death%20of%20Patton%20_%20S%20J%20Skubik.pdf

If FDR & the No Combat Coward Ike had not stopped Patton, the war in Europe would have been over no later than September 1944, there would have been no Cold War, and no Battle of the Bulge in which more Americans died than any other European battle of WW 2, including the D Day landings.

The Korean War with Americans dying happened because the USA using the UN made sure the two Koreas were not reunited after WW 2 so the Rothschilds could have their preplanned Korean War.

The Viet Nam war with America’s involvement and Americans dying was again because the USA kept the two Viet Nam from becoming one.
When the Vietnamese defeated and kicked out the French, the No Combat Coward Communist Ike, then president of the USA involved American troops in the war.

JFK when he became president was going to pull American troops and involvement out of Viet Nam.

JFK was going to get America out of the Rothschild’s pre-planned Viet Nam war the No Combat Coward War Criminal Eisenhower had involved America in, stop the Rothschilds in occupied Palestine from getting illegal Nuclear weapons, which they now have an estimated 300 of, which they threaten to blow the world up with, if they don’t get their way.

LBJ, a Zionist Zombie Ratschild Bitch treasonous to America

reversed JFKs pulling out of the war, escalated by setting up the False Flag of the Gulf of Tonkin “incident” where a US Navy ship which had no business nosing around North Viet Nam’s territorial waters claimed North Viet Nam “gun boats” attacked them in “international waters’.

All of this was later proved to be one huge lie, but by then the war was over, the rich were richer, and the dead were still dead.

My drafted Viet Nam vet brother can rattle off the names of companies getting rich off of tax payer money doing “projects” in Viet Nam which on paper were owned by LBJ’s wife.
So there would be no conflict of interest of course.

I have another Viet Nam vet friend who has told me how his team targeted a certain bridge so US planes could blow it up.
Then it was rebuilt by one of LBJ’s Wife’s Companies at tax payer expense.

Then his team would go target the bridge.
Us Planes would blow it up.
Then LBJ’s wife’s company would rebuild it at taxpayer expense.

Then his team would go target the bridge—–

“History Is A Set Of Lies Agreed Upon”.

In 1990, Saddam Hussain the president of Iraq was the CIA’s boy.
He had fought an eight year proxy war for the USA against Iran in which the USA provided him with Chemical and Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction to murder Iranian soldiers with.

He wanted to attack Kuwait.
He went to the US State Department and asked permission like a good minion from Madam Albright.
She told him what Middle Eastern Countries did between themselves was none of the US’s business.

Thinking the had received the USA’s permission, he invaded.
Papa CIA BadBush, a know serial child rapist who was then president told a thousand and one lies to beat the drums of war against Iraq.

USA bombed the Iraqi people back into the Stone Age.
When the Iraqi army was in full retreat going back to Iraq, no longer fighting, Saddam had announced it, Papa CIA child raper BadBush had the US war planes slaughter thousands of retreating Iraqis no longer involved in combat on the Highway of Death.

On September 11 2001 Israel and the USA attacked America at New York Holocausting 3,000 Americans in a False Flag blamed on “Arabs”.

“PULL” is a controlled demolition term for setting off the explosives to bring a building down in it’s foot print.
Takes months of planning and weeks of setting the charges.



“History Is A Set Of Lies Agreed Upon”-Napoleon Bonaparte.

In 2014 under the CIA construct the Obombister

The DC whores stole 5 billion dollars from the American worker and used it to violently overthrow the duly elected government of Ukraine.

The USA then installed a puppet government which they had mass murder ethnic Russians inside Ukraine for eight years.

In 2019-2021 the Rothschilds initiated their “COVID” Scamdemic.

The MSM whores owned by the Ratschilds and the Pedophile Political Prostitutes blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery Child rape videos started screaming like Chicken Little the SKY WAS FALLING!!!!

After thousands of years the yearly common flu took a vacation down on the beach of a tropical island where it relaxed and sipped frosted alcoholic drinks while “COVID-19” an alleged disease caused by the mythical “SARS-COV-02” “Virus” till this day no government or heath agency world wide can produce a scientifically verified Identified, Isolated, Stand Alone, Reproducible Sample of took over.

On this one year after thousands of years there were no common flu cases or deaths, only “COVID-19” cases and “DEATHS” “caused” by a not proven to exist virus causing a non provable disease “diagnosed” with a PCR process the CDC

themselves now admit is incapable of dignosing the mythical Wars-COV-02 Virus or the “COVID-19” it allegedly causes.

On the strength of lies, bull shit and hysteria, humans world wide were forced to put on health harming scientifically proven to be useless a teats on a boar hog dust mask for stopping a virus, real or imagined, do communist lockdowns which killed family businesses, drained savings accounts, cause the weaker willed and minds to commit suicide in desperation, and line up for Non Vaccine Witch’s brew Voodoo mRNA DNA altering experimental illegal under the Nuremberg Code Killer Jabs.

When in time the proof the Scamdimic was faked, the forced masking was voodoo bull shit, the communistic lockdowns had nothing to do with halting a scamdemic but were in fact economic warfare on the world, that the killer jabs for a non proven to exist virus was killing millions while disabling multitudes of this murdered outright, after eight years of Ukraines mass murdering ethnic Russians, the Putinister

invaded Ukraine.

All of a sudden none of the Rothschild’s MSM or political whores wanted to talk about the killer jabs anymore, just Ukraine and how everything wrong in the world caused by the Scamdemic manufactured famines, non production of consumer goods, hosed up shipping caused by dying sick workers jabbed with killer jabs and bullshit Non vaccine “passport” requirements were all the Putinisters fault.

“History Is A Set Of Lies Agreed Upon”-Napoleon Bonaparte.

Now, I will leave you with this.
If my truths have caused any of you to extract the contents of your bowels into your fruit of the looms, if any out there are screaming “HATE SPEACH”, I will give you a truth gem.

The Truth is hate speech to those who hate the truth!

The Ole Dog!

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