FDA Chief Pushing Lies and Killer Jabs Which Are the Leading cause of Death In America Claims “Misinformation” [His Lies Forcing Killer Jabs] Is Leading Cause Of Death In The US

Huge amounts of people are dying from the killer jabs because of the misinformation the FDA lied to the American people about.
When the American people demanded to see the information the FDA used to “approve” emergency use of the Pfizer Killer Jabs the FDA tried to stone wall the American people by saying g they wanted several generations to dribble out the dancing proof of the FDA’s lies and taking bribes from Pfizer.

Rhe FDA has no credibility and most all the top criminals should receive Fair Common Law Trials for Mass order followed by Fair Hangings!

The Ole Dog!

During an appearance on CNN, FDA chief Dr. Robert Califf asserted that the leading cause of death in the United States is online “misinformation.”

Yes, really.

Califf spoke about his remarks during an interview with CNN’s Pamela Brown, which were originally made at a health conference in Texas last month when he said online misinformation was “now our leading cause of death.”

After admitting that there was “no way to quantify this,” before mentioning heart disease and cancer (actual killers), Califf went on to bolster the claim anyway.

Claiming that there has been “an erosion of life expectancy,” Califf went on to say that Americans were living an average of 5 years shorter than people in other high income countries.

Califf said that anti-virals and vaccinations meant “almost no one in this country should be dying from COVID,” before going on to explain that there was also a “reduction in life expectancy from common diseases like heart disease.”

“But somehow … the reliable, truthful messages are not getting across,” he said, adding, “And it’s being washed down by a lot of misinformation, which is leading people to make bad choices that are unfortunate for their health.”


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