As America Implodes Over Roe V. Wade, Latest Pfizer Dump Reveals 100s of Pages of Severe Vaccine Reactions

I have noticed many “evangelical christians” who wring their hands and wail over aborted babies cheer and have sexual orgasms when the USA blows God’s little children to bits with bombs all over the world. They send their sons to help murder these children. Many who cry crocodile tears over abortion insist babies and little […]

Instead of Going After Mossad Jeffery & Mossad Child Rape Madam Maxwell’s Pervert Clients, Court Quietly Reduces Her Sentence

Well, thats how blackmail works. The Ole Dog! For years, Ghislaine Maxwell rubbed elbows with the elite. She frequently visited Donald Trump’s Florida retreat, Bill Clinton’s White House, and was a good friend to Prince Andrew for decades. During her sex trafficking trial, a number of high profile associates of Jeffrey Epstein had their ties […]

NYC Mayor Defends Kidnapping, Strip Searching Mother for Selling Fruit Without Paying the City First

Just think! If the cops involved had not been kidnapping people to extort money from them they might have been harassing child rapist, armed robbers and murderers. That would be a violation of the child rapist, armed robbers and murderers “rights” to prey on innocent people without interference!!! The Ole Dog! New York, NY — […]

FDA Chief Pushing Lies and Killer Jabs Which Are the Leading cause of Death In America Claims “Misinformation” [His Lies Forcing Killer Jabs] Is Leading Cause Of Death In The US

Huge amounts of people are dying from the killer jabs because of the misinformation the FDA lied to the American people about. When the American people demanded to see the information the FDA used to “approve” emergency use of the Pfizer Killer Jabs the FDA tried to stone wall the American people by saying g […]

STUNNER: New Data from Walgreens Reveals Unvaccinated Have the Lowest Positivity Rate for COVID — Triple and Double Vaxxed Groups Have the Worst Rate

This: Or This: The National Conservative posted some shocking numbers on the positivity rate of those Americans who are vaccinated compared with those who are not vaccinated. According to data from over 5,000 Walgreens stores, the unvaccinated have the lowest incidence of COVID. Here is the latest chart from Walgreens. MORE: