Would All The Dust Mask Wearing Killer Jab Loving Commie Fools Please All Go Get Several Booster Killer Jabs

The intelligent humans understand reincarnation.
The ignorant sheep believe in a slave religion cobbled together by little boy raping Roman priest.

This life I tried to hide out in the crowd.
I was sick of the stupidity of the sheep.
I was tired of the sheep helping the jackals to murder my ass for trying to save the sheep from the jackals.
I was tired of always having to pull rabbits out of my ass to save the sheep from the evil the sheep brought upon themselves by their actions.

From an early age I recall a persistent thought, I just want to be the average American.
When they offered me West Point I did not bite.
I just wanted to get a job, get married, raise some kids and go fishing.

God had to bitch slap me on my ass time after time before I agreed to do my duty.
The whale had to swallow my ass many times.
The time came I figured out I best look up and ask God why I kept getting bitch slapped on my ass because every time I jumped back up without asking why, God would knock me on my ass again.

I am what I am, I can not escape my fate.
Some who walk among you do not have sheep souls.
We have never been sheep.
We are ancient souls.
We were alive untold eras before the human sheep clawed their way out of the primeval slime.

This world is a school and we have been assigned as sheep herding school teachers.
Which is shitty duty.
Perhaps the myth of the rebellion against God has some truth in it and this is punishment.
I have told those with understanding, the sheep fear God will send them to hell.
God can not send me to hell.
I am already here.
I walk among sheep.

Or this is school for us also.
I am military.
When you have young officers you give them shit details so they can learn from their mistakes before they become senior officers making critical decisions when it really matters.

I have heard it said that the sheep are just like movie extras.
They have to be there to make the scenes work but are of no real importance.

But I will tell you sheep monkeys have very primitive souls and they are very egotistical and stiff necked.
They think themselves on the top of the food chain when they are crawling around in the barn yard muck.

Look at the stars at night, the vastness out there.
This rock is one tiny speck far out in the universe.
How many worlds do you think are out there with much more advanced creatures than the primitive sheep monkeys who run after false gods, believing themselves gods, giving blow jobs to jackals while still raping their own young?

So after God got my attention, I agreed to do my damn job, do my duty.
For all my life I have tried to tell the sheep what was real while trying to hide in the crowd.
Time came I understood I was not supposed to hide in the crowd.
When I started making videos, started my blogs I understood I was leaving the seeming security of the crowd behind.
I had to sit and tell my wife the sons of bitches might murder me again, but I must do my duty to God.

So I like John the Baptist have felt like “One crying out in the wilderness”.

When the Scamdemic came along I reposted every bit of evidence I could of the fake Scamdeic.
As I having a good mind and some medical studies background behind me I wrote my own short pieces of the fraud being perpetrated on the sheep monkeys.

And the sheep pissed and shit on my feet.

The sheep screamed not only they should be allowed to commit assisted suicide, murder their own lambs with killer jabs, but all living things must agree to wear useless as teats on a boar hog dust mask;

I assure you when Jesus the Christ who was a Son of God born in human form called em sheep, that was not a term of endearment!

No Government, no government agency, no “world health” organization or agency has to this very minuet been able to produce a scientifically verified Identified, Isolated, Stand Alone, Reproducible sample of a SARS-COV-02 “Virus”.

The “test” they used to “detect” the not scientifically proven to exist “virus” is not a test.
It is a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) process by which minuscule amounts of a substance, too small to scientifically test is replicated until there is enough material to work with in a lab.

Dr. Kay Mullis who won a Nobel Peace Prize in Medicine for inventing the process said it was not a test for any one disease and only a tool to be used in research.


So we have a mythical virus diagnosed with a test which is not a test which the CDC

has long since admitted was faulty for diagnosing the mythical non scientifically proven to exist virus, plus everyone being forced to wear self health harming dust mask scientifically proven to be incapable of stopping a virus.

But these evil BASTARDS were not through making war on humanity!
They were just getting started.

Next came the Communist ” Penal “lockdowns”

which have been proved to do nothing to stop the Mythical Virus from spreading (Among the killer jabbed), but has killed millions of family and small businesses, has hosed up the world wide supply chin until there are shortages of everything except politician’s and MSM whores USA Grade A # 1 BULLSHIT.

People are going to starve to death as a result of these bull shit “lockdowns coupled with the Killer Jabs hysteria.

But the diabolical child raping sons of bitches were not through yet!

Here came the KILLER EXPERIMENTAL (not tested on humans and very little testing on animals) NON VACCINE mRNA DNA and Cell altering JABS!


I will own up to not being the best behaved in the bunch, being a rebel, and having told Gabriel he was Hoto cause all he ever does is walk around blowing on things, and being a real pain in God’s ass at times.

Therefore you can believe I am being completely truthful when I tell you my patience is running thin with the sheep monkeys.

If you are a mask wearing lockdown loving killer jab loving commie loving Scamdemic believing sheep monkey, please go get some more killer jabs.
You are not dying fast enough!
You are F##King up this school house rock for the rest of the sheep monkeys and making it a real pain in the ass for the teaching staff!

THE Ole Dog!

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