Media Continues To Try To Push Insider World Economic Forum (Young Leaders) Army Barbie Tutsie Gabby as an Outsider

If one’s ass is not bought and sold, if one is “fighting’ for humanity, one does not associate with these type evil pedophile scum sucking degenerate bottom feeders.

The Ole Dog!

“We’re already in a hot war with Russia, and it’s going to get a lot hotter because the Biden Admin’s stated goal is the complete destruction of Russia’s economy & military. Russia has made it clear that if faced with this prospect, they’ll have no choice but to use tactical nukes. Once the nuclear Pandora’s Box is open, it’ll be impossible to close. The path Biden Admin has us on will lead to WWIII & nuclear Armageddon. Our country, families & world will suffer beyond comprehension. The American people want peace and prosperity. But we have to fight for it. With upcoming elections, the power is in our hands to stop this insanity by supporting those, D or R, who are committed to ending this war with Russia and use our treasure for the American people.”

Tutsie Gabby:
Who voted continually to fund the USA military as it slaughtered God’s little children all over the world in illegal immoral wars.

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