FDA: Americans Should Treat COVID-19 Like The Flu

Several top Food and Drug Administration (FDA) [Mass Murdering Criminal] officials, including Commissioner Robert Califf, admitted that Americans will now have to accept [The Alleged disease caused by the mythical Not Scientifically proved to exist SARS-COV-02] COVID-19 as another respiratory virus, comparing it to influenza. Califf, Principal Deputy Commissioner Janet Woodcock, and top vaccine official […]

The delusion called Fauci

This one was too good to pass up. In an interview with the National Geographic, Tony Fauci made comments about “alternative views” of the origin of the coronavirus. But he was really talking about all unorthodox medical information: “Anybody can claim to be an expert even when they have no idea what they’re talking about—and […]

Media Continues To Try To Push Insider World Economic Forum (Young Leaders) Army Barbie Tutsie Gabby as an Outsider

If one’s ass is not bought and sold, if one is “fighting’ for humanity, one does not associate with these type evil pedophile scum sucking degenerate bottom feeders. The Ole Dog! “We’re already in a hot war with Russia, and it’s going to get a lot hotter because the Biden Admin’s stated goal is the […]