A poem passed to me by my father, a Man of God who spent his life trying to help humans.
The true understanding of God has been lost by most humans.
They have run after false gods, earthly pleasures and power.
The ones God has sent to try to show humanity the way have for the most part been persecuted and murdered.

This world is a school.
Neither the biblical Revelations or the Viking Eddas say this world ends.
Eras end.
A new era is born from the ending of the old.
But at the end of each era there is a gathering of souls.
Demotions, retention’s and promotions.

Each soul will stand before what they have done here on this earth.
The end of an era is upon humanity.
What will you say when you are standing before the record of what you did?
One can not lie to God and God cares not for the opinions of self important men.

On the other side things are done God’s way.
There are no arguments or appeals.

The Ole Dog!


When the singers have sung their last anthem,
And the preacher has prayed his last prayer,
When the people have heard their last sermon,
And the sound has died in the air,
When the Bible lies closed on the pulpit,
And the pews are all empty of men,
And each one stands facing his record,
What then?

When the bugle’s last call sinks into silence,
And the long marching columns stand still,
When the captain repeats his last orders,
And they have captured the last fort and hill,
When the flag has been hauled from the masthead,
And the wounded a field have checked in,
And the world that rejected a Savior is asked for a reason,

J. Whitfield Green

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