Peace Officers Help People, law enFORCEment Goons Murder People-For No Reason, Police Tackle Elderly Man With Dementia So Hard, They Killed Him

Kids play cops and robbers.

Some grow up and become productive humans.
Some just become law enFORCEment goons and continue to play games in which innocent people are their victims.

Peace officers are a different matter.
They have intelligence and understand when to ignore unjust anti-freedom rules, when to help and when necessary for a real desperado to kick ass.

Peace officers have always had my respect.
But law enFORCEent goons are the enemy of a free people.

The Ole Dog!

Warren County, VA — Ralph Ennis was a 77-year-old man who never hurt anyone. Though he struggled with dementia, he had many years left that he and his family could have spent together. Thanks to deputies with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, however, those remaining years with family came to a violent and tragic end last month.

Ennis was pulled over in April and attacked by two deputies for no reason. His attack was so unjustified and violent that an officer on the scene was recorded saying just that.

Before police attacked him, Ennis had been the subject of a “Silver Alert” (similar to an Amber Alert but for the elderly who go missing) just a few weeks prior. According to police, on April 2, they tried to pull Ennis over for driving erratically but he didn’t initially stop — likely due to his dementia.

When Ennis finally pulled over, he complied with the officers’ orders to exit his truck but became very confused when they told him to drop his keys and put his hands on his head. Because he didn’t immediately comply, two deputies savagely attacked him.

It is clear from the body camera video that Ennis was elderly and confused. The officers on the scene could easily see this yet two of them decided to brutally attack a confused elderly man with dementia.

If you read the official police report from that night, deputies wrote that Ennis “tripped” over his trailer hitch on the truck and he and two other deputies “fell” to the ground. But video released this week shows that was a complete lie.


WATCH: For No Reason, Police Tackle Elderly Man With Dementia So Hard, They Killed Him

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