“BETO” O’Rourke, Gentuza Irish

Every ethnicity has trashers.
There is no phrase with more denigration in my vocabulary than “White Trash”.
Money is not a determining factor in my applying the term.
Some of the biggest white trashers I am aware of are some of the richest.
Theres the fake “royals” of England.
The BadBush family.
The Arkansas Clintons.
The Bidens.

Gentuza is a Castilian Spanish word for Trashy people.
In more modern dictionaries the politically correct crowd has tried to tone that down to riff raft or undesirables.
But you find you an old Spanish dictionary before the Gentuza of the world tried to make being a trasher acceptable and the definition is “Trashy People”.

The body I currently reside in is over 25% Irish.
I have always been rather proud of the Irish.
They will fight against overwhelming odds and often win.

But now “Beto”.
He is a damn embarrassment to the Irish.
A Gentuza Irishman who pretends to be Mexican to try to get the vote of all the illegal criminal Mexico citizens illegally in the occupied Republic of Texas.

I wish he would change his last name also.
As he is pretending to be Mexican, how about a Spanish last name.

How about Beto es Hoto?

The Ole Texican Irish Dog!

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