The Creation of Politicians

The day came when the Sons of God-
Said today you scheduled creating politicians, shall we get some sod?

God said no for a politician we need a different mix-
Several special things from places like dung heaps and out houses to fix-

The material to pore into the political prostitute mold-
Some byproducts from slaughterhouses where are sold-

Guts, putrid blood, rotten hides slimy to the touch-
Along with the maggots which live in and eat such-

Get me a couple of road killed rotten rabid skunks and jackals-
Catch a couple of vultures and bring me the fathers of their hackles-

Throw it all in the big mixing pot-
Then have the laughing hyenas piss and shit in it a lot-

Put it all in the oven to bake-
Then we have made a politician for hell’s own sake.

The Ole Dog!

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