Merle Haggard – “San Antonio Rose” [Live from Austin, TX]

We partied in Ole San Antone today.
Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday celebrating Mexico winning a major battle against the France in 1862.

Paco and Nanny went to help out at the fiesta at the grandkids school.

The wife’s father’s people were Confederate Kentuckians, Scots Irish & Cherokee.
Her Kentucky great grandfather was with the Kentucky Mounted Rifles, CSA and like any good Southerner, shot yankees.

Around 1916 her great grandfather on her mother’s side was a Mexican Army Officer.
Poncho Villa, a Mexican bandit turned “revolutionary” slaughtered most of her family.
The ones left got the hell to Texas.

Then my cousin, Lt. George Patton went to Mexico to chase Villa.
They never caught him but Patton in a Colt Peacemaker gunfight killed Villia’s 2nd in command General Cardenas.

Patton (right, white trousers) as he fires the shot which did some payback for what Villia’s bunch did to my wife’s family

Next generation the wife and I got together in San Antone.
Damn near forty years later we have not killed each other.

When we first got together I asked her why her family had a party for everything?
She looked at me and explained a Mexican don’t need a reason to have a party!

Happy Cinco de Mayo.

The Ole Dog!

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