Pedo Bill Gates Thinks Raping Children Does Not Count AS “Cheating” in a Marriage

Well it does.

Now Jesus the Christ forgave the women caught in the act of adultery.
But he said a baby raper should have a very heavy weight tied around their necks and be thrown into the deep end to feed the fish.

So while if the pervert Gates had been committing adultery with grown willing women Jesus would have forgiven the pervert, raping little children is NOT forgivable according to Jesus the Christ.

The Ole Dog!

‘Pedo GATES refuses to confirm if he cheated’

Bill Gates has opened up about his divorce from Melinda, saying he is still ‘grieving’ over the breakup of the 27-year marriage.

The Microsoft founder, 65, revealed the pair did not have a prenuptial agreement but amicably split their vast wealth, although she kept the family dog.

The billionaire also refused to confirm if he ever cheated on his ex-wife – despite suggestions he had multiple affairs – with Melinda saying in March he had ‘questions to answer’.

When asked if the couple are still friends, Bill told The Sunday Times: ‘I would say that.

‘In an interview she chose not to use that word, but I’ll use it. We have a, you know, super important, complex, close relationship where we’ve chosen to work together. And I’m very happy that we get to work together.

‘I’m also grieving the same way she is. Yes. You know, we grew up together. When I got married, yeah, Microsoft was a big deal.

‘But I was a young 38-year-old and she was a mature 28-year old [when they married], and over those next few years, in terms of what we learnt together, what went well, what didn’t go well… I mean, that’s more than half my adult life.’


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