America Is a USA Crafted Shit Hole, and USA Wants To Share Shit Hole Status With Whole World

First as American children have been dumbed down by the “public schools” and the industrial manufacturing of aluminum process FDA labeled Hazardious waste material fluoride dumped into water supplies, GMO frankenfoods, voodoo vaccines for everything Big Phrma could dream up This is the USA, all the USA. The part in red. The part shown in […]

16 States Sue Post Office Trying To Force Electric Delivery Trucks on Post Office

Sixteen states sued the Post Office trying to force electric delivery trucks on the Post Office in their States. The Post office states they do not have the funding to buy that many electric vehicles. States that sued are California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, […]

“Not The Right Fit” – Disney Exec Who Led Anti-Florida-Bill Response Leaves Firm After 3 Months-Manshell Obama’s former spokeswoman will take over…

Disney Exec Who Led Anti-Florida-Bill Response Leaves Firm It appears Manshell Obombister’s jock strap was not the right fit either! Manshell Obama’s former spokeswoman will take over… HMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! Something tells me pedo Disney has not UNDERSTOOD the anger of the American parents! The Ole Dog! The Disney executive who sculpted the company’s response to Florida’s […]

CDC Which Has Lied Their Whored Out Asses Off About The Mythical “SARS-Cov-02” “Virus, Dust Mask & Killer Jabs Reports First Human Case Of Avian Influenza-But You Can Believe Then Now-No Really-Stop Laughing Damn It!!!!!

No country in the world to this day can or will produce a Scientifically Verified, Isolated, Stand Alone, Reproducible sample of a “SARS-COV-02” “virus said without proof to cause the mythical “COVID-19” “disease detected with a PCR procedure the CDC themselves now admit is bull shit as a test. As for the Dust mask scam. […]