The “Great Reset”, Contradiction, Collusion, the US, Israel, China, Russia and Governments the world Bedmates?

This is worth reposting.
How many will read it?
Of those who read it how many will understand it?

All this goes much deeper than the physical world you see around you.

God or Nature has laws which govern the Universe.
Some sheep monkeys on this rock have decided in their ignorance they want to rule this rock as king forever and ever.

First, this rock is a school for souls, thats all.
It is a tiny speck in a massive universe.
One gets to be king of this tiny speck, they have really done something haven’t they?

Second, they are pissing in the wind as God or Nature always wins.

But they have slaughtered millions or billions of humans trying.
They will murder billions more in their attempt to overthrow God or Nature.

And the sheep bleat in fear and spread the wool over their butts so the jackals may more easily do them up the ass.

When Jesus the Christ called em sheep, that was not a term of endearment.

I tell friends I have a great advantage over all these sheep shaking in their wool afraid God will send them to hell.

God can not send me to hell.
I am already here.
I walk among sheep!

The Ole Dog!

‘The “Great Reset”, Contradiction, Collusion, the US, Israel, China, Russia and Governments the world Bedmates?’

“Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.”

~ Dr. Henry Kissinger, Evians, France, 1991

There is an old expression that states: “May you live in interesting times,” but today, that is a monumental understatement. We certainly have always lived in interesting times, but today we live during terrifying times, while the common man continues to be mesmerized by ignorance, fear and indifference, and cannot begin to fathom the scope of our most dangerous and darkened world. The massive paradigm shifts necessary in order to accomplish what was once called the “New World Order,” have been ongoing for many decades, and for the most part, have been hidden behind the cloak of “conspiracy theory.” This mass avoidance of the obvious truth, has led to the near completion of global slavery, all in the name of total irresponsibility by society as a whole. The drive for a singular global governance has never ceased, but only the name has changed. It now lives under the banner of “The Great Reset,” as openly outlined for all to see by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

This is not the work of just one country or government, but all countries; under the brutal guidance of the ‘claimed’ masters of the ‘universe,’ including the central banking monsters, the corporate giants, the politicians at every level, the billionaire proxies and their ‘non-governmental organizations, ’and the media whores. What this means, is that almost the entirety of the political classes are but pawns in this game of total dominance, and in fact, work closely together as enforcers of government policy meant to depopulate the earth, reengineer humanity, corrupt and poison the younger generations, destroy all past history and moral behavior, and implode, rebuild and digitize the economic system, all to gain control of every aspect of life. In order for this grand plot to be achieved, the masses must go along willingly; voluntarily complying with every order given by the state. To date, especially this past two years, this has been the case, and almost complete acquiescence by the great majority has been solidified.

If there is a current head to this snake, it is the United States, but given recent plotted events, that could change over time; in that, any global governing system will require that the ‘elite few’ have all the control. All governing systems will be required to work as one, albeit, certain governments or ‘nation states,’ those that will include the U.S., Zionist Israel, Russia, China, and particular European governments, will certainly have a seat at the top levels of any ruling chain of command. As to the exact hierarchy, at this point, there is no way to be sure.

This brings us to recent and current events; those being the initiation of the terror of the fake “Covid’ and ‘pandemic’ fraud, the players involved, the response to that bogus threat, and now to the staged Russia/Ukraine scam, which are all part of the ‘Great Reset’ agenda.

The collusion evident is staggering to say the least, and includes all the major cast of state actors. This is where the U.S. involvement has been crucial in the decades long buildup of totalitarian and dictatorial systems that now are in positions of power in this world. A conspiracy certainly, but one that has deep roots in contradiction and inversion, the doctrines of evil that must exist in any plot to rule the world. This is the essence of this madness, and is overlooked by the masses to be sure, but is also ignored by many claiming to be truth telling ‘journalists.’ Everyone wants to isolate and blame a stated ‘particular’ enemy as the cause of all political action, but if all are working together as one, are not they all enemies of the people?


The “Great Reset,” Contradiction, Collusion, the U.S., Israel, China, Ukraine, Russia and Governments of the World: Bedmates?

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