Rothschild’s Bitch the Putinister Drafted (Makes Slaves) of 134,500 for Russian Army

This rock is a school.
Reincarnation gives souls many chances to learn from their mistakes before the final exam.

As late as my last life I was a strong proponent of a military draft.
I saw it as the way to defend America from Rothschild’s red Russian Khazarian communism and Russia.

America the people are dying from internal Communist cancer.
The main enemy of Americans are Americans.

I got on my knees and begged God for understanding.
One thing I came to understand is a military draft is slavery.
If a people do not believe in a war enough to volunteer in numbers sufficient to fight that war, then the war should not be fought.

I also tried to figure out how to end wars although war is the thing I am best at in this world.
Came to understand only the sheep can end wars as it is the sheep who allow the jackals to start wars.
Oh the jackals start them, but they could not if the sheep refused to allow them to do so.

The reason there are baby raping treasonous bribe taking perverted no honor political whores in Washington DC is because that is who the American people want in charge, or they would not be there.

As long as we are talking slavery.

The Ole Dog!

Putin Orders 134,500 New Conscripts Into Army, But Says They Won’t Go To Front Lines

Amid the ongoing debate over the extent to which Russian forces have actually withdrawn from near Kiev, which has not witnessed any recent shelling of the city itself (but in some suburbs outside the capital), Vladimir Putin has signed a new order that signals Russian forces are ready for further escalation inside Ukraine.

Reuters details Thursday that the new law will add 134,500 conscripts between the ages of 18 and 27 to Russia’s armed forces. It comes in the context of the country’s annual spring draft, but also amid widespread speculation that the military is fairing much more poorly than expected, now firmly into the second month of the Ukraine invasion.

However, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu sought to make clear the new recruits won’t be sent to any “hot spots” – meaning they are not expected to enter Ukraine – and it remains that it could take up to six months or a year to process in new military members and get them trained.

Previously Putin himself had claimed that new conscripts aren’t currently “participating in hostilities” across the Ukraine border.

According to the most recent numbers from the Ministry of Defense (MoD), the Russian death toll in Ukraine is at least 1,351 killed and 3,825 wounded, as of last week. But NATO officials have said that figure is in reality in the 7,000 to 15,000 range, while Ukrainian sources and some Western media reports have suggested as many as 17,000.

Even if new conscripts are not sent to the front lines, a large influx of new recruits can serve to open up troop flows into the conflict, by manning crucial bases at home, and serving pressing logistical needs.

After Putin signed the law Thursday, CNN and other mainstream networks presented that it was done in direct response to massive losses on the Ukraine battlefield, however…


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