Cheeky Charlotte takes the lead! Princess, six, charms the Archbishop of Canterbury and smiles for the camera – while big brother George, eight, looks rather more serious


One can tell these are pretend FAKE “royals” sired by commoner Bastards.

Both Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed were Bastards sired by Commoner Sperm Donor Daddies while the Royal Plantagenet Prince was away from their slut mama.

Making this bunch pretend want to be “royals”.
And it shows!

Now when the Real Plantagenet blood was running through the veins of England’s Kings, my Great-Great Grandfather type King Henry the 2nd ordered my Great-Great Grandfather type Hugh de Morville, Knight, (The Assassin) to kill the pain in Henry’s ass, the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury and Hugh killed his ass on the alter of the cathedral.

Great Uncle type Richard the Lion Hearted told the Pope to go have sex with himself.

The Pope excommunicated Richard.
We have never been real sure whether the Popester excommunicated Richard because he would not go kill tens of thousands more Arabs for the Vatican’s financial gains or if the Popester was a really-really lousy lay?

Great-Great Grandfather type Edward the 1st lost his temper and history tells of the Arch Bishop of York dying of fright on the spot!!!

There was a reason they called us the “Devil’s Brood”.
Real Royalty and Big Balls.
And fiery tempers Heh-heh!!!

The Ole Dog!

Cheeky Princess Charlotte stole the show as she joined the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the service
The six-year-old royal charmed the Archbishop of Canterbury and smiled at herself on screen
Her older brother Prince George, eight, was typically more serious and kept a straight face throughout
Four of the Duke of Edinburgh’s great-grandchildren attended the service of thanksgiving today.

Princess Charlotte stole the show while adorable Prince George looked typically serious as they joined their parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Prince Philip’s service of thanksgiving today.

Cheeky Charlotte, six, charmed the Archbishop of Canterbury and smiled to photographers as she made her grand entrance at Westminster Abbey.

At one point the schoolgirl princess pulled a funny face after apparently catching sight of herself on a screen, prompting viewers to giggle over her ‘sparkling’ personality.


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