FBI Threatened Law Abiding Man To Cover Up Hunter Biden’s Drug Use, Pedophilia, Perversions, Illegal Business Dealings and Taking Bribes

John Paul Mac Isaac had legal ownership of Hunter Biden’s laptop, followed the rules, did everything right, and still They destroyed him in order to protect a wealthy and powerful Democrat named Joe Biden.

A good man who represents the most vulnerable minority in the world — the individual — did everything he was supposed to do, everything they told him to do, and for that They took away everything he had and refused to protect him from one of the most obscene injustices you will ever read about.

Before a drunken man entered his life with three broken laptops, John Paul Mac Isaac owned a home, owned a small business, and had carved out a life for himself in Wilmington, Delaware. John Paul Mac Isaac wasn’t looking for trouble or to become famous or do anything other than quietly live his life. Then in walked a drunk, entitled, and corrupt Hunter Biden.

And even after he knew what he had, John Paul Mac Isaac didn’t try to financially or politically profit from the potential windfall handed to him and then legally surrendered to him by Hunter Biden. He still did the right thing. He never stopped doing the right thing.

And for that… For being nothing more or less than an innocent bystander who followed the rules, They destroyed John Paul Mac Isaac. He lost his whole life: his business, his trade, his privacy, everything that he’d worked for they took away from him.

He might even lose his home.

Who is They?

They is the government… The FBI that sat on explosive evidence that would have set John Paul Mac Isaac free, and did so to protect a wealthy and powerful Democrat named Joe Biden.

They is the “50 former intelligence officials” who smeared John Paul Mac Isaac as a Russian spy and did so to protect a wealthy and powerful Democrat named Joe Biden.

They is the all-powerful tech giants who falsely accused John Paul Mac Isaac of traitorous criminal behavior, who accused him of being a hacker, to protect a wealthy and powerful Democrat named Joe Biden.

And They is most certainly the corporate media, who knew all of the above was a lie, who knew the Hunter Biden laptop was legitimate, and still, for 17 months, spread and protected the lies that destroyed John Paul Mac Isaac’s life.


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