Canada’s Indigenous Call on Pope for ‘Unfettered’ Access to Records on Child Rape, formal apology

You “bless” the little boys Popester.
I’ll “bless” the little girls!

I have this thing I do.
I think for myself rejecting group think and preprepared propaganda.

This has led to me deciding if the Roman Slave Religion Popesters and the Vatican imps of hell really communicated with God, don’t you think God would have told em to stop burning alive to death his messengers he sent to help humanity?

Say like the wise men the Vatican burned at the stake for saying the world was not flat.

And how can an organization which has raped God’s little children for damn near two thousand Years, be the legitimate mouthpiece for Jesus the Christ who MANDATED a baby raper be executed?

Or how can a Crime cabal which has robbed, Raped, mass murdered their way to riches and living like kings on stolen from the poor wealth be the mouthpiece for Jesus the Christ who lived with the common folks and said feed the poor.

Course thinking for yourself and telling the truth does have it’s drawbacks.

Just ask Jesus the Christ next time you see him!

The Ole Dog!

Survivors of Canada’s residential schools have called on Pope Francis to provide them with unlimited access to Church records on the institutions where thousands of indigenous children were sexually abused and mistreated over the years.

The plea was made in a nearly one-hour meeting between the pontiff and representatives of two indigenous communities, the Metis and Inuit nations, on Monday. It was the first of Pope’s four meetings this week with Canada’s native peoples in what both sides have called for a process of healing and reconciliation.

“It was a very comfortable meeting,” Cassidy Caron, President of the Metis National Council, told reporters afterwards, adding that the Pope listened attentively to three elderly survivors who told their tragic stories at the residential schools run by the Catholic Church on behalf of the Canadian government between 1831 and 1996.

“He repeated ‘truth, justice and healing’ and I take that as a personal commitment so he has personally committed to those three actions,” Caron added, adding, “I felt some sorrow in his reactions … We shared a lot with him.”

According to reports, some 150,000 Indian, Metis and Inuit children were enrolled from the late 1800s to the 1990s in 139 of the residential schools across Canada, spending months or years isolated from their families.

Many of the indigenous children taken from their homes by the Church’s school system were subjected to abuse, rape, and malnutrition. An estimated 6,000 First Nation children died while attending those schools.

Under pressure, the Canadian government formally apologized in 2008.

Caron said the records are held in Canada, in archives of religious orders, and possibly in archives of the Vatican’s missionary department, adding, “The Metis nation needs to be sure to understand our full truth, and that will be unfettered access to Church records and we will be speaking more with the Pope on this.”


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