The Ant and The Grasshopper

A Grasshopper frolicked while an Ant stored food for the winter. When winter came the Ant was comfortable; the Grasshopper not so.

Prepare for the future.
Aesop For Children

There’s a time for work and a time for play.

The Ant and The Grasshopper

Samuel Croxall

Croxall – Ant and the Grasshopper
IN the winter season a commonwealth of Ants was busily employed in the management and preservation of their corn; which they exposed to the air, in heaps, round about the avenues of their little country habitation. A Grasshopper, who had chanced to outlive the summer, and was ready to starve with cold and hunger, approached them with great humility, and begged that they would relieve his necessity, with one grain of wheat or rye. One of the ants asked him, how he had disposed of his time in summer, that he had not taken pains, and laid in a stock, as they had done. Alas, Gentlemen, says he, I passed away the time merrily and pleasantly, in drinking, singing, and dancing, and never once thought of winter. If that be the case, replied the Ant, laughing, all I have to say is, That they who drink, sing, and dance in the summer, must starve in the winter.

As summer is the season of the year in which the industrious and laborious husbandman gathers and lays up such fruits as may supply his necessities in winter, so youth and manhood are the times of lift; which we should employ and bestow inlaying in such a stock of all kinds of necessaries, as may suffice for the craving demands of helpless old age. Yet, notwithstanding the truth of this, there are mauy of those which we call rational creatures, who live in a method quite opposite to it, and make it their business to squander away, in a profuse prodigality, whatever they get in their younger days: as if the infirmity of age would require no supplies to support it; or, at least, would find them administered to it in some miraculous way. From this fable we learn this admirable lesson, never to lose any present opportunity of providing against the future evils and accidents of life. While health, and the flower and vigour of our age remain firm and entire, let us lay them out to the best advantage; that, when the latter days take hold of us, and spoil us of our strength and abilities, we may have a store moderately sufficient to subsist upon, which we laid up in the morning of our age.


Years ago I warned all our family and friend this day was coming.
I stored up while family and friends partied with no thought of tomorrow.
Most of them thought I was crazy anyway for saying the lean years must always follow the good years.

Told the wife when the shit hit the fan, and they showed up at our door saying their children were starving, we must feed them, I would tell them the story of the grasshopper and the ant.

You can not feed all the fools who would not listen or you and yours will starve also.
Fools starving who partied and did not store up for the hard times is just part of Mother Nature’s culling process for inferior genes and intelligence.

Even if you prepared but are too timid to stack the bodies at the curb of those who would by force take yours, you will not survive.

Gold and silver are precious metals.
But so are brass and lead when the grasshoppers try to swarm your den to take your stored goods.

The Ole Dog!

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