Putin meets ‘old friend’ Kissinger visiting Russia

It has come to the Ole Dog!’s attention some of you ERRONEOUSLY think the red Russia Khazarian Jew Communist KGB agent the Putinister is fighting the Ratschild’s One World Unelected Communist New World Order.

So I feel compelled to show you the error of you thinking.

I think this establishes what an evil ass hole Pissinger is.
He spent his life starting wars, having humans mass murdered and making war in general on humanity.

Some of Kissinger’s work.


Putin’s grandpa cooked for the high up Khazarian Jews who ran the evil of the USSR.
Rothschild’s were who ran the red revolution and then the USSR.
I see family resemblance.
Me thinks maybe a Ratschild climbed in the Putinister’s grandma’s bed.

During the Ratschild’s Scamdemic, there were three or four Heads of States of smaller countries refused to force the Ratschild’s killer jabs on their people.
They continentally died or were killed and were replaced with heads of state who knew to do as the Ratschild’s told them to do,

Ratschilds own and operate every head of state out there in today’s world.
They have their heads of states put on a show of fighting between them to keep the sheep ignorant of how the world really works.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Good people do not keep getting caught with evil ass holes.

As you can see, Jew is a cult religion which today is predominately red Russian non semitic Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarians from the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine who’s ancestors were never in the Middle East.

To any Jew Bitch wants to throw the Anti-Semitic propaganda slur at me, you are not Semitic and the Ole Dog! is a Bloodline who is descended from both Kings David and Solomon as well as Jesus the Christ.

So you FAKE Hebrews but REAL Khazarian mongrels go have asexual sex if you don’t like the Ole Dog!’s Truth.
I have the finest of pedigrees.

The Hebrews called Jesus Rabbi, Hebrew law which the Hebrews were anal retentive about required a rabbi be married.
Mary Magdalene was not a whore as the Fake Hebrew but Real Khazarians and the Roman Slave religion claim, but the wife of Jesus.

Self explanatory.

In Russia if someone tries to show the proof 6 million Khazarian Non Semitic Converted Jews were not mass murdered in Germany work camps during WW 2, the Putinister will throw their ass into prison for five years.

To be fair Putin the Khazarian Jew USSR Communist KGB Agent don’t like folks talking about his hero of the Communist USSR Khazarian Jew Joseph Stalin Holocausting 66 to 70 million humans either.

You will take note of the secret society handshake.

Two Khazarian Jews.

We got a saying in Texas.
When ya raid the whore house you arrest the piano player too!

The Ole Dog!

Russian President Vladimir Putin has continued his “long-standing, friendly relations” with former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger as the pair took the “opportunity to talk” at a meeting in his residence outside Moscow.

The meeting is a continuation of a “friendly dialogue between President Putin and Henry Kissinger, who are bound by a long-standing relationship,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

“They communicate all the time, use the opportunity to talk,” he added. Putin “values” this opportunity to discuss pressing international issues as well as exchange opinions on global perspectives, Peskov said.

Putin and Kissenger have had over 10 tete-a-tete meetings so far, according to media reports. When Kissinger visited Russia in 2013 Putin said that Moscow always pays attention to his opinion and called the former secretary of state “a world class politician.”


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