Ruble Surges After Putin Ditches Dollars and Euros for Russian Oil and Gas

The current Not federal, No reserves and Not a bank is not the first Usury scam to steal the American people’s labor and the natural wealth of America.
Andrew Jackson killed the efforts of the Usury banker crowd to keep the second blood sucking “Central” bank in operation.

The closet Homosexual made war on America to implement a Marxist, Communist in todays English, Mandatory Military Dictatorship thinly disguised as a constitutional republic.

He wanted to establish a third “Central” bank to shaft Americans.

Woodrow Wilson.
A treasonous bastard who was president from 1913 to 1921.
He was put into office by the Rothschild Usury blood sucking “banking” crime cabal family through front minions such as the Rockerfellows.
He knew he was selling his soul and Americans asses for the privilege.

The first payoff was signing into law the Not federal, No reserves and Not a bank Usury crime cabal scam.

The second was conspiring to drag America which wanted nothing to do with the Rothschild’s pre-planned European Bankers war of World War One into World war One.

Roosevelt, a Khazarian Jew was a treasonous bastard who fought to further implement the Communism Lincoln forced on Americans and to further place America under the control of the Rothschild’s Khazarian Mafia.

First one must realize the “Great Depression” which started in 1929 with the stock market crash was not accidental.
The Usury bankers pushed easy credit so anyone could get a loan for anything, ran the stock market up till paper millionaires were everywhere, everyone was partying.
Then the bankers pulled about a third of the money from circulation.
Using the lack of funds as reasons for refusing new loans, they crashed the stock market and stole all real assets of everyone who could not pay off their debts in the now depressed economy.

In 1933 FDR illegally forced Americans to sell their gold to the USA/DC Corporation at twenty five dollars an ounce.
He revalued gold to thirty five dollars an ounce thus inflating the money and stealing buying power from the paper money he forced Americans to take for their gold.

He at the same time took the US dollar off the gold standard domestically, putting it on a silver standard.
Internationally the US dollar remained on a gold standard.

Basically before FDR’s steal, one could walk into any American bank with paper money and walk out with a gold coin for the same denomination.
After 1933 one could walk into any American bank, present a paper bank note and walk out with the same denomination of dollars in 90 percent silver coins.

Internationally foreign banks and foreign governments could ship their us paper bank notes to America and be given gold at a rate of one ounce for even 35 dollars of paper notes.

He was reelected a third term by promising the American people he would keep them out of the Rothschild’s pre-planned World War 2 at the same time he was behind the curtains working to insure America was dragged into the war.

At the same time US was claiming neutrality in the war he used US war ships to escort British ships carrying war materials to kill Germans in the hopes of getting the Germans to sink a US navy ship so he could drag America into the war.

When the Germans proved to smart to take his bait and walk into his trap, he turned to provoking the Japanese.
Using economic sanctions, (sound familiar), he backed the Japanese into a corner from which they had the choice of surrendering to FDR and kissing his withered ass without a shot or attacking.
They chose to attack.

He made sure the general and admiral at Pearl were unaware of the coming attack of which he was totally aware of.
He made sure American troops, planes and ship sat there as targets so the death toll and destruction was as high as possible to make the American people clammer to join a war they wanted nothing to do with.

Once Japan attacked, he used Japan’s defense treaty with Germany to declare war on Germany which was what he wanted to do in the first place.
He put war with Japan which he had forced to attack US troops on the back burner and concentrated on War with Germany.

In 1963 President JFK who was fighting the takeover of America by the Rothschild’s Khazarian Mafia was murdered by the Rothschild’s Mossad/CIA twins.

JFK was going to get America out of the Viet Nam war the No Combat Coward War Criminal Eisenhower had involved America in, disband the Anti-American Rothschild controlled CIA, stop the Rothschilds in occupied Palestine from getting illegal Nuclear weapons, which they now have an estimated 300 of, which they threaten to blow the world up with, if they don’t get their way.

LBJ his Vice President became president.

LBJ farther dragged America into the Rothschild’s instigated Viet Nam war which JFK was pulling America out of.

In 1964 LBJ took the US paper “dollar” off the silver standard domestically, replaced US’s silver coins with copper coins plated with nickel.
And the inflation rate started climbing.

Richard M. Nixon, or Tricky Dicky as he became “affectionately” known to the America people, took over Eisenhower’s and LBJ’s Viet Nam war when he replaced LBJ as president.

In order to pay for the war the Not federal, No reserves and Not a bank’s printing presses had be turned on at full speed ahead, thereby inflating the paper money thus decreasing it’s buying power.
US paper bank notes flooded the world.
Foreign banks and governments were flying planeloads of inflated paper bank notes to America and flying them home with gold exchanged at 35 dollars an ounce for the inflated paper notes.
Seeing he was going to run out of gold at this rate, Tricky Dicky defaulted and refused to honor the US paper currency’s backing by gold any longer.

In order to prop up the US currency now backed by absolutely nothing, US went to major oil producing states in the Middle East and promised if they would sell their oil for nothing but US paper currency, forcing the world at large to continue using it as the world reserve currency, US would protect the oil producing countries from the USSR.

The US’s paper currency was now backed by other people’s oil.

Each and every US “president” since then has helped to inflate more the US’s paper “reserve” bank notes backed by absolutely nothing but other people’s oil.
At the same time they oversaw more and more privileges being stripped from Americans to farther implement communism in America.

In 2014 under the Killer Drone master the Obombister, US spent 5 billion dollars to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine installing a puppet government which then was encouraged to mass murder ethnic Russian peoples living in Ukraine.
For eight years this went on until the “COVID” Scamdemic was falling apart and folks were writing about the need to convene Nuremberg Common Law Tribunals to hang those guilty of mass murder via loaded syringes, useless as teats on a boar hog forced masking and communist lockdowns which killed small/family businesses by the millions and drove people to suicide.

The suddenly, WHAMO-BAMMO after eight years, the Rothschild’s bitch the Khazarian Jew the Putinister suddenly starts a war with Ukraine over them mass murdering ethnic Russias.
After eight years of allowing it to happen.

As a result, Hands Biden who seems to spend most of his time feeling up little children in public:

And bows in submission to the president of Rothschild’s private Khazarian Mafia Outpost in the Middle East located in stolen Palestine:

As well as consorting with other Anti-Humanity known evil criminals is now putting economic sanctions on Russia.

This is having the result of Russia demanding payment for sales of it’s massive energy products which the rest of the world depends on in other currencies, thereby hastening the hyper inflation and eventual death of the already inflated US Not federal, No reserves and Not a bank paper currency backed by absolutely nothing of intrinsic value.

Now I know a hell of a lot of political whores are so stupid if some benevolent person had not tattooed this side up on their ole ladies bellies, they would not have had children, but this farther crashing of the US fake monopoly currency and thus the crash of the American economy can only be a deliberate act by treasonous ass holes.

Even DC whores are not stupid enough to not know using these sanctions against Russia for a small dust up “war” in Ukraine which would not have happened if not for DC’s meddling in other folks affairs half way around the world will have the result of speeding up the death of the USA Empire and the total destruction of what’s left of the American economy.

This is not stupidity.
This is outright intentional treason against the American people.

The Ole Dog!

Ruble Surges After Putin Ditches Dollars and Euros for Russian Oil and Gas

Earlier this week, 21WIRE highlighted the canny move by Russia to begin trading oil with India under a brand new rupee-ruble mechanism – as a means of bypassing the global sanctions wall erected by the West in its economic war on Russia, and potentially anyone else who dares to defy the global diktats of the Washington-London-Brussels Axis.
Today, the Russian President Vladimir Putin may have just pulled one of the most adroit strategic moves in living memory – one which has the potential to rock the US dollar’s long-held privileged position as an unassailable world reserve currency.
Putin announced that from now on, Russia will only accept payments in their own currency, rubles, for any future oil and gas deliveries to “unfriendly countries.” Presumably, this would include all EU members, the US, and anyone else who is dutifully going along with Washington’s orders on sanctioning Russia.
“I have decided to implement a set of measures to transfer payment for our gas supplies to unfriendly countries into Russian rubles,” said Putin this afternoon during a televised government address.
According to the President, Russia will stop taking payments in currencies that have been “compromised,” namely US dollars and euros.
Immediately after the announcement, the Russian ruble, after opening at 95, shot up in value against the dollar before hitting a three-week high peaking at 110, before settling down to 103 just before close. Experts believe this may be the beginning of a steady climb in value for the Russian currency as it may now officially achieve the status of a reserve currency – held perpetually in foreign banks in order to settle rolling purchases of major commodities, especially oil and gas. Meanwhile, the US dollar will steadily decline in comparative value as a result of shrinking demand.
It appears the brash US plan to strangle the Russian economy in hopes that the Russian people might suffer enough to rise up and overthrow Putin – may have just backfired in the most extraordinary way. In fact, just the opposite is happening: the Russian announcement sent some European and UK wholesale gas prices up around 15-20% – further hurting the working and middle classes and the SME business sector.


Ruble Surges After Putin Ditches Dollars and Euros for Russian Oil and Gas

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