Have You Ever Watched An Empire Die-Pull Up A Chair, You Have a Front Row Seat-New Home Sales Unexpectedly Tumble In February As Mortgage Apps Crash

I not only understand reincarnation, I know who and where my former lives were lived. I have seem many Empires die. Nasty business. People starve, decay sets in, sex and life are sold dirt cheap. Told the wife the other day as we were looking at her new gas efficient vehicle she got because the […]

THE TRUTH IS HATE SPEACH TO THOSE WHO HATE THE TRUTH-ROTHSCHILD’S BITCH & Defender Of Pedophililia & Perversions TWITTER LITTER Now Suspends Babylon Bee Editor Following ‘Joke’ About Satire Site Being Suspended

Hmmmmmmmm!!!!! I see a pattern here. Twitter Litter. Pedophilia and perversion GOOD!!!! Exposing perverts, baby rapers and Twitter Litter’s promotion of the above and bias against truth tellers, Bad!!!! I might add my Twitter Litter account stays locked up as I told the truth in a tweet, the pedophile promoting Twitter Litter demanded I delete […]