“Ye Shall Know The Truth, And The Truth Shall Make You Free.” John 8:32

The Truth is Hate Speech to those who hate then truth.

If the Hebrews and the Romans had loved the truth, Jesus the Christ would not have ended up with his ass nailed to a tree.

Just because you were indoctrinated with lies and half truths when you were young, does not make your beliefs reality or truth.
Thus when someone comes along who knows the truth, tells the truth, and you get mad as hell at them for telling you the truth you do not want to believe, you get mad because the truth is hateful to you.
In other words you would have been with the crowd screaming for Jesus’s blood!

Jesus told them stop running after false gods and return to the Creator God of your Fathers, and they hated him for telling the truth their god was made up and they had turned their backs on the True God.

Jesus told them stop raping children.
Anyone who rapes a child should be executed.

They did not want to stop raping children, they did not want someone pointing out any pervert who rapes a child is lower than hammered dog shit and deserves to be put to death.

Jesus told them bankers, lawyers and politicians are lower than pond scum, and they hated him for the truth because they had elevated these three classes of evil beings in their daily lives above the True God.

The American sheep bleat “GOD BLESS AMERICA!”

Why would a just Truthful God bless either America or the USA?
Do the sheep think God is a baby raping lie telling dis-honorable war mongering evil ass hole?

I have always seen the solution to folks getting mad at the truth and truth tellers not as censoring or killing the truth tellers, but as the evil pond scum stop telling lies and doing evil.

If some evil pervert was not raping children, then some truth teller would not have to point out the low life pond scum was raping children.
Stop raping children and the truth tellers will not have to keep pointing out the pervert is an evil hammered dog shit child raper!

Stop making up lies to invade countries which have not attacked you, mass murdering God’s little children for perverse pleasure and profit, and the truth tellers will not have to keep pointing out the evil of the pissing in the face of God ass holes doing so.

Stop using Usury and Taxes to steal the food out of children’s mouths, the sweat of the brow of the poor, and the truth tellers will not have to keep pointing out the degenerate thieves who do so under the Color of Law.

If the Khazarian Jews stop lying about being descended from the Hebrews, saying God chose them, God gave them the earth to rule over anyone not an End of Times Death Cult member, then truth tellers will not have to keep pointing out it is total bull shit and a made up fairy tail.

If the FAKE “royals” who do not bare the Rose Cross Between the Shoulders from that tiny little Island for pretenders , misfits, pedophiles and losers would stop pretending to be Royals, Then a bloodline like myself who’s female ancestors were not sluts and whores like theirs, would not have to keep pointing to both Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed were both Bastards sired by Commonor males when the Royal Prince was not around because their mama was a slut, so that every British or English monarch from around 1440 till now have been Non Royal pretentious FAKES.
But REAL Pedophiles it seems.

If the mass Murdering Baby Raping Thieves of the Vatican who have been raping God’s little children for damn near two thousand years would stop lying and claiming to be the mouthpiece of Jesus the Christ who Mandated the execution of baby rapers, Truth Tellers such as I would not need to keep pointing out the continued mass rapes of God’s little children by the Vatican and their Pedophile priest.
Not to mention the lying, mass murder and theft on a industrial scale!

See how simple this is!
Stop lying, stop your evil shit and you won’t have to nail Jesus the Christ to a tree to stop him pointing out your lies and evil.

It has always seemed such an easy solution to what ails humanity to me.

The Ole Dog!

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