Over Paid Anti-Human Khazarian Commie Zionist Zombie Virus Host Bitch Says Americans Should Eat Shit & Starve Their Pets To Death

An economics professor has a solution for the little people dealing with the country’s inflationary woes: Use mass transportation, eat more veggies instead of meat, and cut back on unnecessary care for your pets. In a Bloomberg.com op-ed, the New School’s Teresa Ghilarducci says these tips are a good idea for anyone making less than […]

A Life Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

A life is a terrible thing to waste- As the sheep rush to and fro in such a haste- To go nowhere of significance while avoiding spiritual growth- Afraid to see and afraid to live, fearing both- Their meek cowardly souls fear the pain required to grow in life- Avoiding the required formula of God’s […]