WATCH: Top Cop Busted By Vigilante Group for Attempting to Have Sex With a Little Boy-“WE BACK THE BLUE” Groupies Angry At Vigilante Group

San Diego, CA — Across the country brave individuals provide a much needed service to society by launching undercover stings to ensnare child predators. These vigilante groups pose as children online and allow the predators to do all the talking as not to entrap them before scheduling a meeting and exposing the pedophiles. The template […]

USA “Witch” Burning, Peaceful Quaker Murdering, Little Southern Child Gang Raping Till Death “puritan” yankee’s take over Ukraine, now Ukraine is the ‘least happy’ place in Europe..Mapped: Global Happiness Levels In 2022

What really makes people happy? While countless academic researchers have tried to get to the bottom of this, the truth is, it’s a complicated question to answer. As Visual Capitalist’s Carmen Ang details below, happiness levels depend on a number of factors, including one’s financial security, perceptions of social support, feelings of personal freedom, and […]

19th Anniversary Of War Crime Illegal Iraq Invasion Based On Lies USA Knew Were Lie As USA Made Up The Lies: US Says Troops Will Be There For More Years To Come

The “puritan” yankee transported the Cromwellian evil Zionist Zombie Virus from England on the Mayflower. Cromwell was a criminal insane homicidal maniac control freak who thought God was whispering in his ear to “bring God’s Kingdom to Earth”. He started a revolution, got lots of people murdered, chopped off a Kings head, made himself king […]

Treasonous To Americans Political Prostitute Mike Israel First Pence Meets with Miriam Adelson & Anti-Christian Israelis Connected to Terror Group

Hungry for campaign money, former VP Mike Pence went to Israel to pay tribute to billionaire Miriam Adelson, and met with Israeli extremists who endorse violence against non-Jews, are hostile to “accursed Christianity,’ and have been connected to a movement banned as a terror organization… Adelson (an Israeli dual citizen) & husband Sheldon gave more […]