UN Again Warns Of Holocaust By Mass Starvation with Non Semitic red Russia Khazarians Occupying Palestine Helping Saudi Holocaust “God’s Chosen People” the Yemens, Closest Living Relatives To Biblical Hebrews

Accepted Historical Documents prove the Khazarians mass converted to the End of Times Death Cult religion known as Judaism in the Steppes of Russia in 0740 AD.

Modern DNA test also prove they are not descended from the Biblical Hebrews but the Yemens are.

So the “God Gave it to me” Non Semitic Khazarians who are NOT descended from Biblical Hebrews, who’s ancestors were never in the Middle East are helping Holocaust “God’s Chosen People”, the Closest living relatives of the Biblical Hebrews who God really gave it to.


Something smells just like when you step in a fresh pile of dog poop!

The Ole Dog!

Multiple United Nations agencies on Monday sounded heightened alarm over the food crisis in Yemen, warning of a projected five-fold increase in famine conditions. Warnings from the Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Food Program (WFP), and UNICEF came in response to the just-released Integrated Phase Classification (IPC) analysis on Yemen, which lays primary blame for the food crisis on the ongoing conflict.

The IPC is a collaborative initiative that tracks the severity and magnitude of acute and chronic food insecurity in hotspots across the globe. “The resounding takeaway” from the new report, said U.N. resident and humanitarian coordinator for Yemen David Gressly, “is that we need to act now.”

The IPC analysis expresses particular concern that 31,000 people in the country are currently facing extreme hunger levels—what it classifies as a phase 5 catastrophe—and that the figure is projected to rise to 161,000 over the second half of the year. The report also categorized 17.4 million people in Yemen in at least a phase 3 “serious” acute malnutrition stage and in need of assistance. The number is expected to increase to a record 19 million starting in June.


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