If A Damned Lie Works Once For Political Whores To Make War, Use It Again

“The horror of Mariupol: Putin troops hold 500 hostages in a hospital as human shields while premature babies are abandoned by their parents – but at least 20,000 civilians have been allowed to flee the besieged city
Around 20,000 civilians fled Mariupol along a humanitarian corridor, which runs to city of Zaporizhzhia
Some 4,000 cars left Mariupol along the route in what is believed to be the biggest evacuation yet from city
Some Ukrainians travelled via a ‘humanitarian corridor’ set up by Russian military to Rostov region in Russia
Evacuation routes established by Moscow have led mostly to Russia and its ally Belarus, drawing criticism”

War does not work out well for humanity.

War works out well for rich ass holes who want to rule the world, who themselves, their children and grandchildren do not fight or die in them.

There is so much which smells like fresh dog shit about why this Ukraine/Russia media photo op started when it did as well as all the things which humanity is being told is going on.

Were Ukrainians murdering ethnic Russians.
They had been doing so for eight years ever since the USA spent five billion dollars to overthrow the corrupt elected government of Ukraine and install a USA puppet government which would murder ethnic Russians for the USA.

The Khazarian Jew Joseph Stalin Holocausted between 12 million and 13 million Ukrainians replacing them with KHAZARIAN JEWS.

So there is reason for Ukrainians to hate Russians.
But is hating and killing Russians making things better for Ukrainians?

Russians did not kill those 12 million Ukrainians.
Khazarian Jews did.



He explained the “Russian” Revolution of 1917 which made the mass murdering evil of the USSR was not a “Russian” revolution but a Jewish Invasion.

Russians did not Holocaust the 66 Million humans between 1917 and 1957.
Khazarians Jews did.

Putin is a Khazarian Jew, a KGB USSR loving Commie.

The USA’s Hand Puppet “president” of Ukraine is a Khazarian Jew.

Both are hand puppets of this Khazarian Jew.

This Khazarian Jew’s family started World War One, World War Two, Korean War, Viet Nam War, Desert Storm, the last twenty years of Wars of Terror based on the False Flag go 9-11 which this Khazarian Jew personally ordered to happen.

In the “Ukraine-Russian” Jew War, real people are dying.
Not as many as they are telling you are, but real people are dying.

Not the Rothschilds kids, not Putin’s kids, and not the playing piano with his balls and dick’s kids, and not the Bush’s kids, not Hands Biden’s kids.

The “COVID” Scamdemic was falling apart.
People were starting to talk about the evidence the Kill Jabs were killing and disabling millions of humans.
People were starting to point out the Communist lockdowns which drove people to suicide, killed millions of family businesses, drained ordinary peoples bank accounts, savings was bull shit and had been proved to be useless at stoping the flu from making it’s yearly appointed rounds.
How the forced masking which Science proved were useless as teats on a boar hog to stop a virus was actually harming the p[hysical and mental health of humans, specially children.
People were calling for Nuremberg Common Law Trials to try and hang the guilty of this scademic.

Then Whammo-Bammo!!!!
War in Ukraine-War in Ukraine-War in Ukraine!!!!!!!!!

Now all the MSM outlets owned and operated by the Rothschilds and their minions no longer are forced to admit it was all a scamdemic and the MSM talking heads/Rothschild’s political prostatutes world wide should be hanged for making war on humanity based on lies, Mass Murder Via Loaded Syringe.

War in Ukraine-War in Ukraine-War In Ukraine!!!!

Premature babies thrown out of Incubators!!!!!!!!!!~
Premature babies are abandoned by their parents because of WAR in UKRANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right on Queue!

It would seem what the world has is a Ratschild infestation.

In times of ole when the Rats bred to the point where they were becoming a danger to Humanity, eating up the food Humans had labored to grow, pissing on, shitting on the stored food, spreading death and disease, the Humans would get together, have an ole time community Rat killing and things got better for Humanity for a while.

The Rat which attacked New York on 9-11.

Now back to the Serial Baby Raper Papa CIA BadBush who’s State Department assured Saddam USA did not care if he invaded Kuwait, then had the Kuwait Ambassador’s daughter to Washington DC lie her ass off about throwing babies out incubators to help start a wider war on humanity.

I left a three year old and a pregnant wife to go do Desert Shield and Storm.
My father in law died while I was in the big Kitty Litter box and my wife had to bury him without me.

And Bush’s kids and grandkids were partying in the USA.

‘The Tap Dance’

The newsman said, President Bush, what is the rush?
You tell us noble is the day,
We must save the world you say,
Would it still be worth it if to war your sons must go?

President Bush looked high, and then low,
He swelled with pride, he gave a speech,
He spoke of plateaus we must reach,
He waved the flag, and talked of love,
And said we were supported by God above.

When the speech was over and done,
I wanted to salute, and grab my gun,
But although he did not put it in so many words,
His message i strongly heard.

No!, Send them i won’t,
Endanger them you don’t,
You are peons, I thought you knew,
MY sons are better than you.


The Ole Dog!

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