Israhell, USA & Saudi Arabia Holocaust Closest living Relatives of Biblical Hebrews the Yemen people, 161,000 face ‘catastrophic’ levels of hunger in Yemen

Five times as many Yemenis are likely to endure famine during the second half of 2022, marking a five-fold increase from the current rate, according to a report by 15 UN agencies and NGOs published on Monday.

The report claimed some 161,000 people were likely to experience “catastrophic levels of hunger,” while 19 million people would likely be unable to meet their minimum food needs during that period. The report continues on to warn that a shocking 2.2 million children could be severely malnourished by the end of the year, including over half a million who already have that condition. Some 1.3 million women are also at risk for malnutrition, it found.

Dozens of children killed or maimed in Yemen since New Year
Read more Dozens of children killed or maimed in Yemen since New Year
Those figures show several increases over last year’s numbers, which claimed food rations were needed by 12.9 million, but that 3.3 million children and women needed special nutrition, along with 1.6 million schoolchildren. Another accounting of the humanitarian toll from 2021 suggested there were 11.3 million youths dependent on humanitarian assistance, 2.3 million toddlers “acutely malnourished” and 400,000 of those at “imminent risk of death.”


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