Israhell, USA & Saudi Arabia Holocaust Closest living Relatives of Biblical Hebrews the Yemen people, 161,000 face ‘catastrophic’ levels of hunger in Yemen

Five times as many Yemenis are likely to endure famine during the second half of 2022, marking a five-fold increase from the current rate, according to a report by 15 UN agencies and NGOs published on Monday. The report claimed some 161,000 people were likely to experience “catastrophic levels of hunger,” while 19 million people […]

Two Evil Political Whores Both Owned By the Evil Rothschilds Put On A Show For The Sheep-Army Barbie Tulsie Gabby Smeared As ‘Treasonous Liar’ By Sen. Romney Over Ukraine Biolab Concerns

On Sunday, former House representative for Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard released a video calling for the Biden administration to work with Russia and other parties to establish a ceasefire in Ukraine so dangerous pathogens held by US-funded biological research labs in the country could be destroyed. Despite the undeniable evidence that there are Pentagon-linked biological labs […]