When Fanatical Ideology Bumps Up Against Stone Cold Reality

A good read.
I will add.
The “COVID” Scamdemic was falling apart.
People were talking obout Nuremberg trials for the guilty of pushing the killer jabs, communistic lockdowns and forced masking.


Putin is a Rothschild’s bitch.

The “president” of Ukraine who plays piano with his balls and dick is a Rothschild Bitch.

Both are Khazarian Mafia red Russian Khazarian Jews.

USA, EU, UK, Russia, Ukraine, are all controlled by the Rothschilds.

There are no “good” guys involved.
In this piece he talks about the Ukrainians Holocausting 100,000 poles during WW 2.

The Khazarian Jew Stalin marched between 15,000 to 20,000 polish military officers into a forest and slaughtered them during WW 2.

‘Stalin Ordered Massacre of Polish Officers in 1940, Soviet Paper Says’

For years after WW 2 the Russians blamed it on the Germans but the truth finally came out.

He also fails to mention the Rothschilds wanted WW 2, and they have controlled the UK for hundreds of years.
So the Rothschilds had the UK encourage the Poles to make war on the German people BEFORE WW 2.
Poles were murdering and raping German people in German border towns.
Of the ethnic Germans who found themselves suddenly in Poland at the end of WW 1 which Britain instigated for the Rothschilds also, 58,000 were Holocausted, tortured, skinned alive by the Poles before Germany finally invaded to put an end to the Poles evil against German people.

While we are revisiting WW 2, I might point out the reason Germany invaded Russia was the red Russian Khazarian Jew mass murdering Stalin had made his brag he was going to spread Rothschild’s red Russian Khazarian Jewish Communism to all of Europe via military conquest and was massing his troops, tanks, artillery and planes on the border getting ready to invade all of Europe under cover of the war.

Hitler beat him to the punch and would probably have beaten Russia if not for the USA proping it up with military weapons and supplies paid for by American Tax payers money and USA troops tying up so many German troops in the West.

Years back I had a man who had been a bombardier on a USA B-25 tell me they were bombing Germans to keep them off the Russians and were told by USA brass if they had to bail out try to make it to the German lines and surrender because if the Russians got them they would kill them.
USA knew the kind of animals they were in bed with.

A good read though, I can not find a lot to disagree with what he says except he did not take the trail all the way to the Rothschilds and join all sides as playing parts against humanity.

Maybe he don’t fully understand that, maybe he just don’t want to put cross hairs on his ass.

The Ole Dog!

I have avoided writing anything on recent events in Ukraine thus far, partly because I wanted to see how events were panning out, partly because I still don’t quite understand how this all fits in with the two year Globalist PsyOp that ended abruptly on 24th February — the same day as the Russian military operation started, as coincidence would have it — but mainly because the experience of trying to write rational analysis in the midst of propaganda that would have made the editors of Pravda blush is no easy task.

As a brief defence against those who will inevitably smear my attempts to analyse the context behind all this as somehow pro-Russian, let me ask them not to bother. I really don’t even understand the frame of reference, since I don’t view the world in the absurd black hat/white hat terms that lead to such jibes. And in any case, I am pro-God and pro-Truth, as well as being a patriotic Englishman who writes on such topics because he believes this once green and pleasant land is now run by terminally foolish clowns and Globalist ideologues who do not govern for the people but in the interests of others. I would also point out that I was writing about atrocities committed against Ukrainians years before it became fashionable to do so. However, unfortunately it seems I was supporting the wrong Ukrainians — the ones nobody cares about — in the Donbass, who have been killed, terrorised and forced to leave the country by their own brutal Government for eight years, with some even deliberately burned alive by the neo-Nazis formations that apparently don’t exist. Those caveats aside, let’s press on.

For most Westerners, it appears that the current conflict suddenly dropped from the sky one morning in February 2022. They woke up to hear about a Russian invasion, and without any prior knowledge or context, having been denied this for years by their so-called free press, simply accepted the narrative thrown at them that this invasion was utterly unprovoked — the brainchild of a madman who wishes to recreate Hammer and Sickle Land again.

None of this is remotely true. Whatever the actual reasons for invading at this particular time — and I don’t believe for one moment that we have the full picture yet — this conflict most certainly did not drop out of the sky or from the ravings of a lunatic on 24th February 2022. No, it is part of a sequence of events that was set off years ago, particularly in 2014, which were clearly destined to reshape the world. As I wrote back in September 2014:
“I believe this crisis to be the defining crisis of the 21st Century so far. … It is also something that may well define the shape of the planet for the rest of the century — whether we are left with a unipolar world … or whether we see a new multipolar world emerging … It is in a very real sense the key battle between globalisation and national sovereignty.”
That sequence of events has a long history, but behind it all is an ideological fanaticism that overtook certain elements of the Western powers — and I’m thinking here in particular of the cult known as neoconservatism (the name is a misnomer as they have their roots in Trotskyism, not conservatism) — who saw the collapse of the Soviet Union as an opportunity not for peace and stability, but for the establishing of a US-led Globalist hegemon, with “Full Spectrum Dominance”, as one of their number once put it.

It was this ideological fanaticism that led to the carpet bombing of Serbia, the invasion of Afghanistan, the war against Iraq, the dismemberment of Libya, and the arming of jihadists to destabilise Syria — wars which killed or displaced hundreds of thousands if not millions of people, yet which curiously attracted none of the sort of response we are seeing now.

It was this ideological fanaticism that also led to the continuance of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), long after the ostensible reason for its existence ceased to exist. NATO was a military alliance against the Soviet Union, and since then it is a military alliance against Russia. This is undeniable, and it gives rise to two questions. Firstly, why was it deemed necessary to continue this alliance at a time when Russia itself quite obviously desired to be on good terms with the West (despite the pilfering of the country during the so-called Shock Therapy of the 1990s)? Secondly, since the alliance remained and was quite obviously aimed at Russia, isn’t it obvious and indeed reasonable that they would see it as a threat?


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