Televangelists receive millions in PPP loans, Catholic Church got $1.4 billion

Organized religion is perhaps the largest obstacle to spiritual growth which exist.
Organized religion is used to herd the sheep through the slaughterhouse door for the evil ass holes who would be ruler of this rock.

The Catholic Church was formed as a slave religion for conquered peoples of the Roman Empire.
It told them to pay their taxes and never fight back.

Any connoisseur of true history understands a religion which claims it’s sole purpose of existing is to be the mouthpiece of Jesus the Christ who said anyone harms an innocent child should be executed, yet has a damn near two thousand year history of it’s priest raping little children with the popes protecting their pedophile priest from prosecution plus just moving them to new locations where their crimes are unknown so they can continue to rape little children, is evil, full of shit, and an organization Jesus the Christ would make war on, not be the head of.

Protestant sects are nothing more than Roman Slave Religion break offs where some priest thought they understood the cobbled together Roman “bible” better than the Vatican.

“Non denomination” churches are just Roman Slave religion churches which do not aline themselves with other Roman Slave religion churches.

The Vikings which the little boy raping priest of the Roman Slave religion hated because they would not worship the pope, send their money to the Vatican and kept casterating the pedophile priest for raping their children, did not have temples.
They understood their body was the temple of the Creator God.
Nature, the forrest, sitting on the beach away from the noise of others, was their church where they talked to their creator God.

Thors hammer was not a Viking religious symbol.
Archeologist have found the villages where Thors hammer is found in large numbers is where the little boy raping priest of the Roman Slave religion intruded unwanted on the Viking people as “missionaries”.
These “missionaries” who were raping the Vikings children, poisoning their young minds with their Slave religion, telling the Vikings their God was not real, they had to worship the Vatican and the pope and send their money to the Vatican, were trying to shove a cross up their asses and down their throats.

The Vikings would start wearing Thor’s hammer pendants not as religious symbols but as the middle finger to the Church of Rome.

When a “government” takes poor people’s wages for their labor, and gives its to rich ass holes, that is wrong no matter how you stack it up or try to justify it.
Communism is communism no matter what you call it.

And taking poor people’s wages for their labor to finance a pedophile organization is pissing in the face of God and Jesus the Christ.

Pope of Baby Raping gives “Special” private blessing to baby rapers.

Brings to mind the joke about a young priest filling in for an old priest who took vacation.
The young priest is doing confessions when this attractive young sultry woman walks in and confesses.

Forgive me father for I have sinned.

What did you do my daughter ask the young priest.

I had anal sex with a married man she relies.

All shook up the young priest does not know what penance to assign.
He sees the alter boy on the other side of the confessional booth and motions him over.
In a whisper he ask:
What does the father usually give for anal sex?

The alter boy replies:
Oh, milk and cookies!

Pedophilia goes on in the Protestant branches of the Roman Slave religion also.
The Vatican is just more organized with their baby raping.

Yet poor people’s money is taken by force by DC and give to these predators of young children.

Thats just wrong!

The Ole Dog!

More than 10,000 religious organizations, including a few televangelists, have received over $3 billion under the federal Paycheck Protection Program, a large chunk of which went to groups affiliated with the Catholic Church, according to a partial list of recipients released this week.

Televangelists Jim Bakker and Peter Popoff received between $350,000 and $1 million each in COVID-19 financial aid, according to The Guardian.

Bakker hosts “The Jim Bakker Show” in Blue Eye, Missouri, and made his first appearance back on the show alongside his wife, Lori, on Wednesday, after suffering a stroke back in May.

In the 1970s and ‘80s, Jim and his former wife, Tammy Faye Bakker, were among America’s most famous televangelists and known for their luxurious living and expensive cars until their “Praise the Lord,” or PTL, empire crashed down amid sex and financial fraud scandals for which served five years in prison.

Popoff, who leads People United for Christ in California, previously amassed millions from a “prophetic anointing” that was later revealed to have come, at least in part, from information fed to him over radio by his wife, Elizabeth. In 2019, the U.K.’s Office of Communications, also known as Ofcom, slapped a satellite television service provider with a fine of over $32,000 for airing a religious program featuring Popoff hawking miracle spring water that promises to cure cancer and other diseases.

Jimmy Swaggart, who leads the Family Worship Center in Louisiana and was earlier defrocked by the Pentecostal Assemblies of God in the early 1990s over sex scandals, got even a bigger amount — between $2 million and $5 million.

Joyce Meyer of Joyce Meyer Ministries received between $5 million and $10 million.

Paula White’s City of Destiny received a much smaller aid — between $150,000 and $350,000. White is the chair of President Trump’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative.

According to an analysis of the list of beneficiaries by The Guardian, nine organizations received between $5 million and $10 million, the highest loan amount available under PPP. Seven of these 19 groups are affiliated with the Catholic Church.


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