Dozens of Yemen Children, Closest Living Relatives To Biblical Hebrews Holocausted or maimed in Yemen By Saudi with Help From USA & Non Semitic Khazarians Occupying Palestine Since New Year

I am confused.
One can not look anywhere there are not articles and pictures of “dead” Ukrainians including the video I saw where the dead Ukrainian pulled the body bag back over himself when the wind blew the top off of the “dead” man, but the “news” services of USA Israel and Saudi Arabia
do not seem to want to talk about the innocent children in Yemen Saudi Arabia, USA and Israel are blowing to pieces and starving to death.

Can someone please explain this discrepancy to me?

The Ole Dog!

More than 10,000 kids have become victims of the conflict since 2015, with the actual number thought to be much higher.

Dozens of children have been killed or maimed in war-torn Yemen over just two months as the conflict in the country continues to escalate, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said on Saturday.

The UNICEF Representative in Yemen Philippe Duamelle said in a statement that since the conflict there escalated about seven years ago, more than 10,200 children have been killed or maimed while “the actual number is likely much higher.”

“Over the first two months of 2022, 47 children were reportedly killed or maimed in several locations across the country,” Duamelle said.

He called on the parties to take all possible measures to protect civilians, saying that “it is high time that a sustainable political solution is reached.”

According to the UNICEF annual report which was published on February 28, “nine attacks on schools and five attacks on hospitals were verified” in 2021, as well as six incidents of military use of education or health facilities. 386 children were killed or maimed “by various parties to the conflict.”


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