Who masked up, did communist lockdowns and killer jabs?

The faked “COVID” scamdemic is a Rothschilds war against humanity campaign.
Every country which forced or tried to force useless dust masking, communist lockdowns and killer jabs on the people living there are controlled by the Rothschilds.

That includes Iran.
Had an Iranian by birth USA citizen tell me years back Israel which is Rothschild’s private resort in occupied Palestine and Iran would not go to war as the “elites” of both sides were getting filthy rich trading under the table.

When the evil of the soul-less Rothschilds do anything they have many reasons.
When the Rothschilds ordered Israel and the USA attack America on 11 September 2001, some of the reasons were to farther steal from Americans more God Given Rights and USA promised under the constitution privileges under the illusion of fighting “terrorism”.

Another was this.

Don’t it just make the mothers and fathers of the dead, disabled USA soldiers from twenty years of making war on people who did not want a Rothschild USURY bank to force them to install one so damn proud they sacrificed their children on the alter of more power and riches for the Rothschilds?

A betcha they are just so damn proud their kids died slaughtered millions of children all over the world in countries which never attacked America to force Rothschild USURY “central” “banks” on them.

Iran has to be there as controlled opposition to Israel so if they had a Rothschild’s bank it would not look right.

Fat boy in North Korea is kept on retainer to run his mouth or shoot off a piss poor rocket when the Rothschilds need some attention in the press taken off of one of their evil acts against humanity at the moment so it would not look right for North Korea to have a Rothschild bank.
The people of North Korea are poor as shit and starving anyway so there is not much to steal from North Korea.

Cuba is a tiny little island which the evil of Rothschild controlled USA uses as the boogie man in their area so it would not look good for them to have a Rothschild controlled Usury bank either.

Putin is a Khazarian Jew Communist KGB agent and a Rothschild bitch.
Russia has a Rothschild controlled bank which means anytime Russia should try to go against the Rothschilds their economy will die and Russians will starve.

Rothschilds made Communist China.

And the USA using the OSS which was renamed the CIA helped the Rothschilds make communist China by funding and training Communist terrorist to kill Free China troops of the Chinese government USA was allies with at the same time they were training communist terrorist to overthrow the Free China government.

Communist China has a Rothschild’s controlled “central” bank and anytime the Chinese tried to throw off the Rothschild’s control of Communist China the Chinese economy would crash.

Any American who thinks they live in a free country is a fool.
Americans love and cheer evil.
I do not believe Americans will repent of their evil.
I think Americans will take their place of the trash heap of history along side the Hebrews who murdered Jesus the Christ rather than repent of their evil and soon afterwards ceased to exist as a people.

While Americans claim to love Jesus, they vote for, support and love ass holes who regularly rape and murder little children.

I even sorta pity the American fools when they stand before the light on the other side.

Personally if God forces me to come back to this rock for another incarnation, for my next incarnation I am considering South America.


But Looorrrdddddd, I was a good John Hagee zionist Zombie screamed the worm-
Why do you say it is time to bend me over the Imps of Hell’s turn-

I gave 10 percent of the wealth I stole with usury from the Widow to Hagee-
So he could cover up the evil crimes against humanity by his kin don’t you see-

I voted for Pedophiles, I cheered them on as they raped Jesus little Children-
I AMENed them loudly when they pointed out other’s “sins” as they slaughtered to win-

More power, more wealth, more innocent bloodshed for their demon “god”-
So why the Hell Lord, did you give those Horney looking Imps of Hell the Nod?

He said he was your mouthpiece, doing as he said was “God’s” own word-
So why now are you looking at me like a fresh jackal turd-

The Light wept at the waste of what could have been a good Human being-
Just shook his head and said in Hell it will be you & Hagee will be seeing-

Each other again as choir boys of Pedophilic Demonic Priest-
You and he should spread each others cheeks, help each other out at least-

When the Priest of hell have taken their Viagra for an all nighter-
Remember when your mouth is the bun, the winnies don’t bite er!

The Ole Dog!


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