Zelensky Who Can Dance in High Heels & Play Piano With Dick & Balls tells Hands All Over Little Girls Biden to give Ukraine fighter jets and make a deal with Poland over the MIG-29s as Legs Kamala Who is Good at Spreading Her Legs for Political Gain heads to Warsaw

Says presidential material to me!

Says presidential material to me!

But perhaps the Secret Service should clear all the kids out of any crowd before they allow Hands loose on the crowd!

Legs has the tools to cut political deals.
And Knows how to use them!

The Putinister is a Khazarian Jew Communist KGB agent who is owned by the Rothschild’s.
Just like the others above.

The RothsRats enjoy rubbing their political dogs noses together to make them make their common soldiers and little children die as blood sacrifices for their Demonic “god”.

I fully understand what Cousin Georgie meant when he said:

This is political theater.

Ratschilds owns the lot of em.

Ratschilds needed a diversion from the falling apart of their “COVID” Scamdemic as well as making war on humanity with rising prices and trying to collapse “governments” so the Rats can implement their wet dream of a world wide communist dictatorship run by the Rats, so they had their boy Putin invade Ukraine.

Ukraine has been murdering civilians for eight years and the Putinister could have done what he is doing anytime in that eight years but now the Rats need a diversion of their Mass Murder of Humanity via Killer Jabs hitting the news.

So anyway playing piano with his dick and balls from Ukraine screams they need jets.

Hands all over little girls Biden screams for Nato countries with Mig-29s to give em to Ukraine.

The Putinister threatens anyone giving jets to Ukraine is an act of war against Russia.

Poland is close to Russia, and having started WW 2 at the egging on of Britain and ending up loosing their country to domination by Russia for 46 years as Britain reneged on it’s promise to protect Poland, and Poland not being complete dumb asses don’t want a repeat.

So they said they will give their Migs to USA, and USA can do what they want with them (deliver them to Ukraine).

USA is now like the guy screaming he wants to kick someones ass but their buddy is holding them back from the fight.
Guy screaming they want to kick ass turns to their buddy holding them back and whispers:

Now Legs Harris is heading to Poland to do what she does best.
Hope she did not forget her personal lubricants.
Women her age tends to be dried up.

The Ole Dog!

Vice President Kamala Harris departed Washington, D.C. on Wednesday morning en route to Warsaw, Poland
The three-day trip to Eastern Europe will include a stop in Romania, where more U.S. troops were deployed and stand ready to defend the NATO ally country should Russia move its attack beyond Ukraine’s borders
The visit comes hours after the Pentagon poured cold water on a proposal for Poland to help get MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine
The idea has been floating around for more than a week after Ukraine pleaded for more aircraft Pentagon
Press Secretary John Kirby said on Tuesday night the deal was unworkable
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told the U.S. and Poland to stop the ‘ping pong’ and sent war planes
‘Listen: We have a war! We do not have time for all these signals. This is not ping pong! This is about human lives! We ask once again: solve it faster. Do not shift the responsibility. Send us planes,’ he demanded
The White House said Harris’ trip is meant to see how the U.S. can support Ukraine’s neighboring nations
The plan to deliver Soviet-era planes to Ukraine has stalled over fears it could escalate Russian aggression
Poland said it was placing the jets at the ‘disposal of the government of the United States of America’
That suggests Poland is trying to push Washington to go further in backing Ukraine with weaponry
Biden administration officials said the Polish announcement had taken them by surprise

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused the U.S. and Poland of playing games with people’s lives after the Pentagon poured cold water on a plan to get fighter jets to Ukraine hours before Vice President Kamala Harris departed for a three-day Eastern Europe trip.

‘There is an official decision of Poland to transfer the planes to the relevant base – the American base,’ Zelensky said in a Wednesday speech. ‘We also have confirmation – we have all heard – that the agreement between the American party and Poland has been reached.’

‘But at the same time, we hear that Poland’s proposal is allegedly unfounded,’ he continued. ‘And that’s what they say in Washington. We also read this. So when will the decision be made?’


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