No One Has Produced a Scientifically Identified, Isolated, Reproducible, Stand Alone Sample of a “SARS-COV-02″ Virus” So All Killer Jabbers, Forced Maskers & Communist Lockdown Cheerleaders Must Hang For Violating Nuremberg Code & Crimes Against Humanity

Either there are a hell of a lot of stupid people out there, media, religious charlatans, “health experts” “scientist” “doctors”, or they are controlled opposition trying to pretend to be fighting what they are supporting by pretending a pandemic has been scientifically proven to exist cause by a “virus” which has not been scientifically proved to exist.

If you do not understand what I am saying, watch this video of the now deceased Nobel Prize Winning Scientist who invented the PCR process which he said should never be used as a “test” to diagnose a disease but only as an aid to research.

His PCR process he said should never be used as a stand alone test to diagnose any disease was used as a test to diagnose “COVID-19” said to be caused by a “SARS-COV-02” “virus” not scientifically proven to exist.

KARY MULLIS died before the “COVID” Scamdemic was pulled on humanity, but watch the interview and he will explain how they pulled the scam because they pulled the same scam with the HIV virus said to have caused the “AIDS”



The ass holes HAVE not Scientifically isolated a virus.
They are trying to convince you they have so you don’t hang their asses for mass murder and experimenting on humans in violation of the Nuremberg Code.

Also the mRNA experimental “gene therapy” DNA altering killer jabs ARE NOT VACCINES.
The evil ass holes “redefined” the definition of a vaccine to fool folks into taking the killer jabs.

They understood people are conditioned to getting vaccinated so if they could convince people the non vaccines were vaccines they could get a much larger human lab rat test group than if they told people it was a new playing God experiment which would change your DNA and wipe out your God Given Immune System, replacing it with a supercharged experiment which is now killing and disabling millions of humans.

Millions are dead, millions more will die, millions are disabled, millions of small businesses and family businesses were run out of business, untold thousands were driven to suicide, millions of children have been harmed physically and mentally with the forced lockdowns, forced masking, millions of families have had their savings run through, millions have lost their jobs, all of humanity have been put through hell for needless bullshit based on unproven lies.

Whether one was paid to make war on humanity or did it out of stupidity is irrelevant.
They must hang.
One who murders for money or causes another’s death from stupidity is either way guilty of murder.

All the college schooled fools out there who have pushed this communistic shit based on non proven lies may not have taken 30 shekels to betray humanity.
They may just be too stupid to chew gum and walk at the same time.
Anyone who has served in the military understands over schooled fools.

In the military an officer must have a college degree.
Many officers in the military are capable of having paid through the ass to attend a college, have enough short term memory to swallow whatever pig slop being fed them, regurgitate it back either orally or in written form so they are given a piece of paper called a college degree.

Many of these are so stupid they could not pour horse piss out of a Texican cowboy boot with the instructions to do so written on the bottom of the heel.

I personally had an officer with an Engineering degree in Korea try to “order” my crew to stop washing mud off a blacktop down hill and wash it uphill.
She had an engineering degree and was so stupid she did not understand shit runs downhill, not uphill.

Ether way, murder is murder, mass murder is mass murder, crimes against humanity are crimes against humanity, and violation of the Nuremberg code is a hanging offense whether done for 30 shekels or out of stupidity.
If they took the 30 coins to betray humanity, they must hang.
If they are so stupid they made war on humanity based on unproven lies they do not need to be passing their genes along anyway and their continued existence in this world is a farther danger to humanity.

Common Law Nuremberg Tribunals must be convened, all the evil or stupid ass holes who pushed killer jabs, forced masking and communistic lockdowns must be given fair trials followed by fair hangings.

Get er done!

The Ole Dog!

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